Programs and Events
Grief and Resilience in the Negev: Bedouin-Jewish Emergency Responses
07/09 Jewish-Arab Relations on Israeli Campuses
The 2024 Municipal Elections in Arab Localities
Recording: Arab Citizen Employment Amid the War
Proposed Budget Cuts: 15% from Arab Development Plans
Arab Citizen Employment amid the War: Data, Trends, and Initiatives
Jewish-Arab Relations: Shared Spaces in Divisive Times
Emergency Needs and Coordination for Arab Citizens and Communities in Israel

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Programs in Your Community

Work with IATF to build powerful and engaging programs for your community. Access our vast network of experts in the field and meet the IATF Speaker Fellows.

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IATF Foundation Forum

The IATF Foundation Forum is a shared learning platform for strategic funders to connect with a wide network of Jewish and Arab experts, officials, and civil society professionals. Join briefings with peers to explore how major findings and developments in the field inform your philanthropy.

Missions and Field Days

Partner with IATF content experts to ensure your on-the-ground learning includes first-hand experiences in Arab society. Organize site-visits that make these issues an informative and impactful part of your mission.

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IATF Consulting and Training

Are you exploring how to connect your community with Israel’s complex and nuanced realities? Is your organization working on a funding strategy that strengthens shared society as part of Israel’s social and economic resilience? Connect with IATF for tailored support and training on integrating Arab citizen issues into your professional activities and discourse.

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