Voices from the Field

First-hand voices and professional insights are invaluable for moving beyond polarized discourse, deepening connections with Israel, and understanding realities on the ground. Our diverse network of speakers includes government officials, civil society leaders, academics, activists, practitioners, and more.

Wrap-Around Approach

IATF seeks to create a constructive learning environment for programs. We do this by working with professionals to orient, frame the subject, and identify speakers for the learning group. We make topics come alive by focusing on lived experiences and situating them in a broader context.

Common topics of IATF programs include:

• Complex identity of Arab citizens of Israel

• Introduction to the concept of Shared Society and Jewish-Arab relations in Israel

• Beyond the Headlines: An exploration of the impact of current events on Arab citizens

• Arab citizens and the Start Up Nation: A case study on socioeconomic development

• And many more possibilities tailored to partners interests

Resources for Educators

It isn’t always possible to travel to Israel or bring speakers to North America. However, due to a growing collection of films, TV shows, podcasts, and other media, it is easier than ever to access perspectives from Arab society in Israel. IATF creates program models with discussion guides and facilitator notes to support educators in a wide variety of institutions and settings.

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