The Task Force and the ADL:  

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The Anti-Defamation League is a founding member of the Inter-Agency Task Force and continues to serve as an important voice on its executive committee. The organization has been very supportive of the Task Force mission to raise awareness about Arab citizens of Israel within the context of equal citizenship as promised in Israel’s Declaration of Independence. Throughout the 14 years of our existence, ADL has been consistent in its commitment to equal citizenship, as reflected in its own mission to combat defamation and discrimination against Jewish people and marginalized communities everywhere. 


Coalition Approves Billions for Arab Society, Assigns Arab Chairs to Influential Committees:  

In recent weeks, the new goverment coaliton passed its proposal for the next government budget and made Knesset committee assignments, yielding sizable allocations for Arab society and influential political assignments for Arab Knesset members.


The Rise of the Delta Variant | Health and Economic Concerns for Arab Society:  

As an increasing number of Israelis become eligible for a 3rd shot, efforts are still needed to get a first dose in the arms of 30% of Arab society.

Ra'am Joins the Coalition: A New Era in Israeli Politics?:  

Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid (L), Yamina leader Naftali Bennett (C) and Ra'am leader Mansour Abbas sign a coalition agreement on June 2, 2021 (Courtesy of Ra'am)

Ra’am, the Islamic Party lead by Mansour Abbas, became the first Arab party in Israel’s history to join a governing coalition. Ra’am is one of eight politically diverse parties  in the ‘change bloc’ brought together to form a narrow governing coalition. While its new leadership role is certainly historical, debates are ongoing regarding whether Ra'am joining a right-wing lead government is actually what Arab citizens want or if it will lead to meaningful change.

BRIEFING PAPER | May 2021 Escalations: Jewish-Arab Clashes within Israel:  

On May 10, a series of clashes in East Jerusalem spiraled into some of the worst inter-ethnic violence between Jewish and Arab citizens in history. While violence has ebbed, heightened tensions and many questions remain.

This briefing paper provides insights into conditions within Arab society leading up to escalations, the gulf in discourse that widened between the Jewish and Arab public, and the vibrant response from civil society which jumped into action. It closes with preliminary insights into action areas ahead.

Shared Society Statements and Responses to Violence in Israel:  

Dozens of initiatives have begun to amplify the voices of Jewish and Arab citizens calling for calm and solidarity. Click for compilation of articles and statements.

Akko clean up
Jewish and Arab Akko residents cleaning up together after clashes. Credit: Tag Meir


Israel Update - Spring 2021:  


Our quarterly newsletter includes updates on COVID-19, fourth-round elections, government, public discourse and civil society.  


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