IATF Resource Library for Educators:  

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This resource includes links to firsthand stories and media pertaining to Arab citizens of Israel from October 7 and its aftermath. They were curated for a variety of American Jewish educational contexts. We encourage you to explore and share.


IATF Brief: Jewish-Arab Relations in the Shadow of the War:  

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This brief provides insights about the impact of the ongoing crisis and the focal points that have emerged as priorities for Arab society and Jewish-Arab relations in the aftermath of October 07.


Emergency Needs and Coordination for Arab Citizens and Communities in Israel:  

On October 24, 2023 Representatives of the National Emergency information Center for Arab Citizens briefed IATF, SVF, and JFN members on resource coordination for Arab citizens and communities, including a current map of emergency needs submitted by Arab local authorities. 

Briefing Paper: What is Financial Inclusion and What Needs to be Done to Include Arab Society in Israel?:  


The briefing paper "What is Financial Inclusion and What Needs to be Done to Include Arab Society in Israel" is a collaborative effort between the IATF and the Adva Center. Recognizing the mutual interest in raising awareness about financial inclusion in Israel, we partnered to create this insightful report for our audiences both in the US and Israel. The paper delves into the concept of financial inclusion, highlighting the pressing need to include Arab society in Israel, as they face limited access to financial services.


Explore Life of Arab Citizens and Jewish-Arab Relations in Israel: IATF Introduces Movie Guides for Educators:  



IATF is pleased to introduce two movie guides, freely available for educators to use when conducting virtual, hybrid, or in-person programming. Our first two movie guides are for Oriented (2015, Jake Witzenfeld) and Bar Bahar (“In Between”) (2016, Maysaloun Hamoud).


New Government, Protest Movement, and Arab Citizens of Israel - Implications and Emerging Actions:  


Screenshot of title New Government, Protest Movement, and Arab Citizens of Israel: Implications and Emerging Actions

Since the inauguration of Israel’s thirty-seventh government on December 29, 2022, Israeli society has been in turmoil. Protests that began in early January against various aspects of the new governments’ agenda grew and intensified as they coalesced around proposed judicial reforms and their implications for Israeli democracy. This paper aims to outline the major areas of concern regarding the new government with respect to Arab society, state-minority, and Jewish-Arab relations. It then points to emerging lines of thought about responses in the field.


IATF Annual Report 2022:  


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The Inter-Agency Task Force on Israeli Arab Issues (IATF) is proud to present our 2022 Annual Report. You can access the report here.

Infographic Educational Fact Sheet on Arab Citizens of Israel:  



An IATF / iCenter set of resources for educating about Arab citizens and Jewish-Arab relations in Israel.


October 07, 2023: Emergency Response and Coordination | Arab Citizens of Israel:  

In response to the recent attacks by Hamas on October 7th, Israeli citizens and organizations have quickly mobilized to support those affected, particularly in Arab communities. They are working to provide shelter, information, and prevent escalations between Arab and Jewish citizens. These initiatives focus on coordination across NGOs and government bodies, building on experiences from COVID and the May 2021 escalations in mixed areas.


Israel Democracy Institute (IDI): 2022 Israeli Democracy Index:  

While the majority of Arab respondents believe that most Arab citizens want to integrate into Israeli society, tensions persist between Jews and Arabs. The Israeli Democracy Index 2022 highlights complex dynamics in Israeli society.

The Israeli Democracy Index 2022


Arab Citizens Feature in 100 Influential People in Economy in 2023 List by Calcalist:  

This year's annual "100 Influential People in Economy " list published by Calcalist includes seven Arabs from a wide variety of fields and backgrounds.

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Konrad Adenauer: Survey among the Arab Public in Israel:  

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Konrad Adenauer Program for Jewish-Arab Cooperation publishes the latest findings from an in-depth survey conducted among the Arab public in Israel, authored by Arik Rudnitzky at the Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies (MDC).


Overview of Arab Political Parties and Discourses in Israel:  

On July 27, 2023 IATF hosted a webinar titled "Overview of Arab Political Parties and Discourses in Israel". Dr. Ameer Fakhoury talks about the streams, authorities, and parties shaping Arab political discourses in Israel. What are their political activities and influence? How do they view cooperation and partnership with the government and Jewish political parties? Which challenges and strategies do they prioritize, and what are the relations between them?

Thumbnail: July 27 Zoom Call featuring Dr. Ameer Fakhoury (Van Leer Jerusalem Institute).

A Seat at the Table: Arab Citizens Aspirations for Shared Political Power in Israel:  

Thumbnail: July 27 Zoom Call featuring Dr. Rula Hardal (Shalom Hartman Institute).

On August 03, 2023 IATF hosted a webinar titled "A Seat at the Table: Arab Citizens’ Aspirations for Shared Political Power in Israel". Dr. Rula Hardal, Research Fellow, Shalom Hartman Institute, about Arab talked about aspirations for political influence in Israel. Given the political landscape described in the first session, what are the opportunities and challenges for more substantial and shared citizenship and politics for Arab citizens? How does such a vision relate to the existing political streams in Arab society?

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