Program Development

Our staff helps educators develop program models for in-person, online, and experiential education. We work with you to understand your learners and tailor content and learning modalities to your needs and interests.

Best Practices

IATF develops pedagogy and tools for bringing these topics to educational programs and Israel experiences in ways that are enriching and constructive rather than polarizing and divisive. Our approach is rooted in four pillars:

• Elevate the work of changemakers and professional discourse

• Focus in on day-to-day realities

• Move beyond black-and-white paradigms by highlighting the complex and diverse experiences of Arab citizens

• Model inclusion and constructive conversations.

Staff Learning

The most powerful way to make Arab citizens of Israel an enriching and sustained part of your education is to deepen institutional knowledge and connections in the field. IATF can plan and lead a learning process to cover the basics through in-depth explorations of shared society and trends in Jewish-Arab relations.

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