Explore Life of Arab Citizens and Jewish-Arab Relations in I...

Explore Life of Arab Citizens and Jewish-Arab Relations in Israel: IATF Introduces Movie Guides for Educators

June 6, 2023

IATF is pleased to introduce two movie guides, freely available for educators to use when conducting virtual, hybrid, or in-person programming. Each guide contains tools to introduce engaging programing on the complex realities of Arab citizens and Jewish-Arab relations in Israel, regardless of participants’ prior knowledge level. Background information and suggested resources for further learning are provided to help place the films in context, and discussion questions are included to facilitate discussions. Both films can be viewed for free online. 




Oriented (2015, Jake Witzenfeld) is a documentary that follows a group of LGBTQ+ Palestinian Citizens of Israel who navigate Israel's bustling center and their more traditional hometowns, exploring multiple dimensions of diversity and the challenges and opportunities that emerge when they intersect. 

Bar Bahar (“In Between”) (2016, Maysaloun Hamoud) tells the stories of a trio of female Arab Palestinian citizens of Israel juggling life in Tel Aviv, their careers, and interpersonal relationships, often tackling difficult topics in humorous manners. 

Oriented and Bar Bahar provide intricately created snapshots for learners to explore different facets of Arab society and Jewish-Arab relations in Israel. Both films tell diverse stories of young adults that defy stereotypes and feel relevant to American Jewish audiences. They can be viewed independently of each other or placed in conversation together, with each providing nuanced religious diversity, LGBTQ+ representation, and more. 

If you have questions or want support in using these guides for a program, email Erica Shaps, Educational Programs Manager, at [email protected]


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