A group of IATF Speaker Fellows on a navy blue background.

IATF Speakers Fellowship

May 28 – June 8

Fellows are visiting the US from May 28 through June 8 to meet with diverse American Jewish organizations and communities. This tour provides invaluable learning for the Fellows, while offering American Jewish leaders and communities opportunities to hear firsthand perspectives about the daily realities and experiences of Arab/Palestinian citizens of Israel, and their work and vision as changemakers.

Meet the 2023/24 Cohort May 28 – June 8

IATF Highlights

A Brief Introduction to Arab Citizens of Israel

Explore Life of Arab Citizens and Jewish-Arab Relations in Israel: IATF Introduces Movie Guides for Educators

IATF Annual Report 2023

ARAB SOCIETY AMID THE WAR: Employment and Economy

Grief and Resilience in the Negev: Bedouin-Jewish Emergency Responses

Crime and Violence in Arab Society: Recent Spike and Emerging Initiatives

Exploring the Topics of Arab Citizens and Jewish Arab Relations in Israel

Opportunities for Solidarity Missions

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