Infographic Educational Fact Sheet on Arab Citizens of Israel:  



An IATF / iCenter set of resources for educating about Arab citizens and Jewish-Arab relations in Israel.


IATF Annual Meeting - December 12, 2022:  

Arab citizens have never been more prominent in Israeli and American Jewish discourse. How is national attention affecting Arab society and Jewish-Arab relations in Israel? What developments are underway behind the scenes? Join us for a day of learning and discussion.


IATF/SVF Funder Brown Bag: New Government Actions Related to Arab Society | Jan 26:  


Ofer Dagan (Sikkuy-Aufoq) and Ilan Amit (IATF) discussed how new government actions are expected to affect Arab society. Their presentation included a review of consequential coalition agreements.


Government Dissolution and Perspectives on the Jewish-Arab Political Experiment:  

Photo Credit: Knesset Press Office

This update aims to shed light on how recent events affect Arab society and Jewish-Arab relations in Israel. Looking at the dissolving government coalition, and as a result, the upcoming elections, this update explores the civil and national interests influencing Arab society’s future participation in Israel’s political life.


PODCAST | Jack Khoury - May events of 2021 created a deterrence mechanism for both Jews and Arabs:  

Listen to our new Task Force Short with Jack Khoury, one of Israels leading journalists and a commentator on Arab affairs, about the current issues in Jewish-Arab relations in Israel.

GR-1297 | NIS 5.2 Billion for Negev Bedouin Socio-Economic Development:  

Rahat. Photo Credit: Lior Levin

On March 14, 2022, the Government of Israel passed GR-1297, a NIS 5.2 billion, five-year socio-economic-development plan for Bedouin society in the Negev. The budget for this plan was initially approved in November under Takadum, the comprehensive development package for Arab society in Israel. The actual plan, however, was finalized and approved subsequently.


Jewish and Arab Israeli relations with Batya Kallus
KRWG Public Media March 24, 2023