Explore Life of Arab Citizens and Jewish-Arab Relations in Israel: IATF Introduces Movie Guides for Educators:  



IATF is pleased to introduce two movie guides, freely available for educators to use when conducting virtual, hybrid, or in-person programming. Our first two movie guides are for Oriented (2015, Jake Witzenfeld) and Bar Bahar (“In Between”) (2016, Maysaloun Hamoud).


Arab Citizens and Shared Society Issues at Major American Jewish Conferences | March 2023:  

 Picture of Israel's Jewish and Arab Citizens: Paths Toward Shared Society

In March 2023 IATF staff members attended and presented at iCon and JFN.

IATF Annual Report 2022:  


Photo of first page of IATF 2022 Annual Report

The Inter-Agency Task Force on Israeli Arab Issues (IATF) is proud to present our 2022 Annual Report. You can access the report here.

Infographic Educational Fact Sheet on Arab Citizens of Israel:  



An IATF / iCenter set of resources for educating about Arab citizens and Jewish-Arab relations in Israel.


IATF Annual Meeting - December 12, 2022:  

Arab citizens have never been more prominent in Israeli and American Jewish discourse. How is national attention affecting Arab society and Jewish-Arab relations in Israel? What developments are underway behind the scenes? Join us for a day of learning and discussion.


State Comptroller Special Audit Report on Government's Handling of Idleness Among Young People in Arab Society | May 2023:  


Cover Page of Report of the State Comptroller of Israel | May 2023

A recent comprehensive audit conducted by the Office of the State Comptroller and Ombudsman of Israel sheds light on the alarming levels of idleness and rising crime rates among young Arabs in Israel. The report calls for government intervention to address the root causes, provide necessary resources, and foster integration, aiming to bridge socio-economic gaps and create a safer, more productive future for the entire nation.


Arab Public Elementary Schools: New Approaches to Narrowing Gaps:  

On Monday, May 23, 2023, IATF hosted a Zoom call titled “Arab Public Elementary Schools: New Approaches to Narrowing Gaps” with The Israel Center for Educational Innovation (ICEI) to discuss new government efforts and civil sector partnerships to improve performance.

Thumbnail: May 23 Zoom Call featuring (L-R, T-B) Shireen Natour Hafi, Director of Arab Education (Ministry of Education) and Sally Awad Asfour, Director of Programs for Arab Communities and Tamkin (ICEI).

After Plateau in 2022, Crime Continues to Surge in Arab Community:  


The surge in violence and crime-related incidents targeting Arab citizens in Israel has raised concerns and sparked protests. As the government's efforts to combat crime stall and new policies raise further apprehension, civil society organizations are calling for action to address the underlying challenges faced by the Arab community.


New Government, Protest Movement, and Arab Citizens of Israel - Implications and Emerging Actions:  


Screenshot of title New Government, Protest Movement, and Arab Citizens of Israel: Implications and Emerging Actions

Since the inauguration of Israel’s thirty-seventh government on December 29, 2022, Israeli society has been in turmoil. Protests that began in early January against various aspects of the new governments’ agenda grew and intensified as they coalesced around proposed judicial reforms and their implications for Israeli democracy. This paper aims to outline the major areas of concern regarding the new government with respect to Arab society, state-minority, and Jewish-Arab relations. It then points to emerging lines of thought about responses in the field.


Shared Jewish-Arab Ramadan Activities Continue in 2023:  

Learn how shared Jewish-Arab Ramadan Activities are continuing in 2023.

  Jewish and Arab alumni of Appleseeds Academy at Iftar in Ramle.

Photo: Jewish and Arab Alumni of Appleseeds Academy at Iftar in Ramle. Photo courtesy of Orit Bash, Director of Partnerships at Appleseeds.

Programs on New Government Impact on Arab Citizens:  

Screenshot of February 27 call featuring Roy Peled, Nava Ben-Or and Nidal Hayek

Following the inauguration of Israel's new government, IATF hosted several opportunities for different American Jewish constituents to discuss the potential impact on Arab citizens with experts in the field. These included a call on judicial reforms and related protests, as well as a series of ‘Brown Bag’ discussions.

Photo: February 27 Zoom call featuring (L-R, T-B) Roy Peled, Nidal Hayek and Nava Ben-Or. 

IATF/SVF Funder Brown Bag: New Government Actions Related to Arab Society | Jan 26:  


Ofer Dagan (Sikkuy-Aufoq) and Ilan Amit (IATF) discussed how new government actions are expected to affect Arab society. Their presentation included a review of consequential coalition agreements.


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