The Task Force and the ADL:  

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The Anti-Defamation League is a founding member of the Inter-Agency Task Force and continues to serve as an important voice on its executive committee. The organization has been very supportive of the Task Force mission to raise awareness about Arab citizens of Israel within the context of equal citizenship as promised in Israel’s Declaration of Independence. Throughout the 14 years of our existence, ADL has been consistent in its commitment to equal citizenship, as reflected in its own mission to combat defamation and discrimination against Jewish people and marginalized communities everywhere. 


Jack Khoury - May events of 2021 created a deterrence mechanism for both Jews and Arabs:  

Listen to our new Task Force Short with Jack Khoury, one of Israels leading journalists and a commentator on Arab affairs, about the current issues in Jewish-Arab relations in Israel.

Ramadan, Passover, Terror Attacks, and Government Instability - Recent Months in Jewish-Arab Relations in Israel:  

This update aims to shed light on how the sensitive and complex events of recent months are affecting Arab society and Jewish-Arab relations in Israel. Looking at the wave of terror attacks, tensions in East Jerusalem, and government instability, it explores the civil and national interests influencing Arab society’s response.


GR-1297 | NIS 5.2 Billion for Negev Bedouin Socio-Economic Development:  

Rahat. Photo Credit: Lior Levin

On March 14, 2022, the Government of Israel passed GR-1297, a NIS 5.2 billion, five-year socio-economic-development plan for Bedouin society in the Negev. The budget for this plan was initially approved in November under Takadum, the comprehensive development package for Arab society in Israel. The actual plan, however, was finalized and approved subsequently.


Government Resolution 550 (Takadum) | NIS 30 Billion for Socio-Economic Development of Arab Society:  

Photo Credit: The Ministry for Social Equality

On November 4th, the Government of Israel approved Government Resolution 550—the second multibillion shekel, 5-year economic development plan for Arab society—as part of the first state budget passed in over three years. Given the name Takadum (‘progress’ in Arabic), GR-550 totals NIS 30 billion / USD 9.6 billion, more than double the size of its predecessor, GR-922.


PRIMER | Arab Communities and Jewish-Arab Relations in Israels Mixed Cities:  

The shoreline of Jaffa | Photo Credit: Ze'ev Stein, Pikiwiki

The clashes of May 2021 in Israel drew significant attention to mixed cities. To provide essential background, the IATF created a primer on the Arab minority and Jewish Arab Relations in these communities. This report aims to provide a broad overview, data, and insights into both the common and unique characteristics of Jewish-Arab relations in mixed cities, and their relevance to Israel as a whole.


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