PEER ZOOM: Access and Misinformation: Coordinated Approaches...

PEER ZOOM: Access and Misinformation: Coordinated Approaches to Vaccination Barriers in Arab Society | February 8, 2021

While Israel leads in global COVID-19 vaccination rates, gaps are growing between its Jewish and Arab citizens. Due to misinformation and accessibility barriers, most Arab communities are still largely unvaccinated and infection rates remain high. As concerns grow that Arab society will lag even further behind in a COVID recovery, government, civil society and medical leaders seek to develop coordinated responses.

Hear from Tomer Lotan, Director of Mate Magen Israel's National COVID-19 Response Center, Dr. Naim Abu Freiha, Director of the Association of Arab Doctors in the Negev, and Dr. Mohammad Khatib, Head of the Health Committee at the National Council of Arab Mayors.

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