GR-922: Outlook for 2021 and the Next Multiyear Plan

GR-922: Outlook for 2021 and the Next Multiyear Plan

August 2020


In 2020, Government Resolution 922 (GR-922 or “the Plan”),2 the unprecedented five-year development plan approved in December 2015, entered its fifth and final year of implementation. Since 2015, GR-922 has been closely monitored by government and civil society organizations to support its progress, identify barriers, and articulate insights for future efforts. (See the Task Force summary of the GR-922 fourth-year progress report.)

The question of what will follow GR-922 has been made more complicated by the series of general elections spanning 2019 and early 2020, and by the Coronavirus pandemic. General elections meant government was suspended in Israel and no new budgets could be advanced. The pandemic on top of being an unprecedented public health emergency, ignited an economic crisis that is still unfolding and whose impact on national budgets is yet to be seen. The emergency unity government inaugurated in May has yet to pass a national budget due to internal disagreements primarily over its length—short-term or multiyear, meaning budgets for any new plans remain stalled.

If a national budget isn’t passed by August 25, Israel will automatically go into another round of elections, furthering budgeting delays and deepening uncertainty.

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