Arab Citizens' Integration into Israeli High-Tech: Achieveme...

Arab Citizens' Integration into Israeli High-Tech: Achievements and Emerging Issues

Task Force Briefing Paper | August 2018


Israel’s high-tech industry is widely considered an ‘economic miracle.’ Its launch is credited with putting the Israeli economy back on track, bringing annual GDP growth to 4% and employing approximately 8-9% of the working-age population in some of Israel’s highest salaried careers. Yet, Israel’s Arab citizens, who comprise almost 21% of the population, have been nearly absent from the industry. Over the last 10 years, efforts to integrate Arab citizens into the industry have increased due to the need to grow the domestic talent pool and close socio-economic gaps for Israel's Arab society.

The paper provides insights into the economic context behind efforts to advance Arab high-tech integration and outlines the major barriers to integration and the dominant strategies that developed over the last decade. It then provides a more detailed description of the current status of integration to date and outlines major government frameworks and programs. It concludes with a mapping of civil society programs in the field. 

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