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FACT SHEET: Arab Citizens of Israel

Fact Sheet - 2 Pages for Single-Sheet Double-Sided Printing (recommended for distribution at events)

Fact Sheet - 3 Pages, Larger Font



GR-922 Mid-Term Update: Five-Year Economic Development Plan for Arab Society | March 2019

Arab Citizens’ Integration into Israeli High-Tech: Achievements and Emerging Issues | August 2018

Economic Development Plan for the Arab Sector: 2016 – 2017 Government Implementation Update | April 2018

Economic Development Plan for the Arab Sector: Update on First Year Implementation | May 2017

Government Resolution 2397: Socio-Economic Development Plan for Negev Bedouin | March 2017

Economic Development Plan for the Arab Sector: Capacity Building for Arab Localities | November 2016

Economic Development Plan for the Arab Sector: Current Status, Government Workplans and Civil Society Involvement | July 2016

Historic Economic Development Plan for the Arab Sector: Overview and Key Allocation Areas | January 2016

Arab Citizen Employment in Israel - Critical Concern and Great Potential | July 2013 



Israel’s Arab Minority and the Second 2019 Elections:Outcomes and Discourse on Political Partnership | September 2019

2019 September Elections: Arab Voters and Changing Political Discourse | September 2019

Israel's Second 2019 Elections: Shifting Perspectives on Arab Political Participation | June 2019

2019 Pre-Elections Brief No. 2 - Elections Discourse on Arab Political Participation | April 2019

2019 Israeli General Elections Brief | March 2019

Municipal Elections in 2018: Insights and Trends in Israel’s Arab Society | November 2018

2018 Local Elections – Preliminary Results in Arab Society | November 2018

Nation State Law: Arab, Druze, Government and Civil Society Responses | August 2018

Basic Law: Israel as the Nation-State of the Jewish People: Discourse and Implications for Arab Citizens of Israel | July 2018

Escalations on the Gaza Border and US Embassy Move: Arab Citizen Response and Impact on State-Minority Relations | May 2018

President Trump's Declaration on Jerusalem: Arab Citizens’ Response and Jewish-Arab Discourse in Israel | December 2017

Home Demolitions and State-Minority Relations: The Events in Qalansawe and Umm Al Hiran | January 2017

Israel’s Arab Citizens and the 2015 General Elections: Post-election Review I April 2015

Shared Society Between Jewish and Arab Citizens of Israel - Realities, Visions and Practices | February 2014

10 Years to the Orr Commission Recommendations | October 2013

The Bill on the Arrangement of Bedouin Settlement in the Negev ("Prawer-Begin Plan") | July 2013 



GR-922 Update: Implementation Status of "Etgarim" - The Program for Informal Education in Arab Society | December 2018

Gateway to the Academy: A Three-Year Government Plan to Enhance Access to Higher Education for Negev Bedouin | June 2018

The Council for Higher Education's Plans to Enhance Arab Citizens Access to Higher Education: Progress and New Priorities | September 2017

Informal Education in Israel’s Arab Society: From an Overlooked Field to a Government Priority | July 2017

Shared Life Education in Israel's Public Education System | February 2016

Higher Education for Arab Citizens of Israel | December 2012



Arab Philanthropy in Israel: Insights into Strategic Giving | January 2017



Negev Bedouin | February 2018

Druze in Israel | January 2018



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