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Israel Hayom January 21, 2021 Daniel Siryoti

Balad, Ra'am, Ta'al, and Hadash launch independent campaigns, but Joint Arab List insiders say that does not necessarily indicate the alliance is crumbling.

The Jerusalem Post January 19, 2021 Kenneth Bandler

Kav Mashve also is working with Arab employees in Israeli companies. Its Lead Forward program aims to instill confidence in employees when seeking promotions to managerial positions.

The Christian Science Monitor January 15, 2021 Dina Kraft

The value of trust can be judged when it’s absent. In Israel’s bid to be an immunization leader, it must overcome Arab citizens’ mistrust, which exacerbates their doubts about the COVID-19 vaccine.”

Haaretz January 13, 2021 Noa Shpigel

Clashes erupt as Netanyahu visits vaccination center in Nazareth, in a third campaign stop in an Arab city. Haaretz photographer attacked by police ahead of the visit.

The Jerusalem Post January 12, 2021 Tzvi Joffre

96 Arab Israelis were killed and hundreds were wounded in violent crimes in 2020.

The Times of Israel January 11, 2021 Staff

Israel Democracy Institute survey records declining trust in public institutions amid COVID pandemic and continued lack of political stability.

Ctech January 10, 2021 Yafit Ovadia

“What’s beautiful is that we’ve created a beautiful community of women who’ve dreamed big,” says head of Druze female boot camp on shattering stereotypes and encouraging workplace diversity.

Reuters January 7, 2021 Staff

In what officials see as a result of misinformation about possible side effects or supposed malicious properties, turnout for vaccines has been low among Arabs, who make up 21% of Israel’s population, and Jerusalem Palestinians.

The Times of Israel January 4, 2021 Jake Epstein

6-month program seeks to propel fledgling Arab entrepreneurs into Israel’s vibrant startup ecosystem, to boost diversity in tech and tap into new sources of talent.

The Times of Israel January 2, 2021 TOI Staff

‘We haven’t forgotten’: Demonstrators accuse premier of neglect, racism, amid reports he’s trying to win Arab votes; MK says nurses were ejected from medical clinic ahead of visit.”

Haaretz January 1, 2021 Or Kashti

The school is the only one in Israel that lacks a regular water supply, and the students wait every day for tankers to show up – which they often don’t, or come half empty.

Haaretz December 28, 2020 Jack Khoury and Ido Efrati

Sources say reason behind low figures includes Arab society's wariness of the Israeli establishment.

Haaretz December 28, 2020 Shira Kadari-Ovadia

Not enough teaching spots are available in the Arab education system to employ all the qualified teachers, and skills did not match up for employment in Jewish schools, the Education Ministry says.

Haaretz December 25, 2020 Bar Peleg

Police examining whether the arson was in response to the city’s razing of two buildings constructed illegally.

The Jerusalem Post December 24, 2020 Yair Assaf

In the current decade, since 2010, state-religious education, education in the Bedouin sector, and state education in the Jewish sector have grown at a similar rate, by 2.3%, 2.1%, and 1.9% per year, respectively.

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