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The Jerusalem Post April 12, 2021 Rosella Tercatin

Could the holiday lead to a new rise in infections?

The Times of Israel April 11, 2021 TOI Staff

Aseel Nama says taking part in monthlong search project was her ‘dream’; hers was the only 1-member team allowed, of 116 total.

Haaretz April 11, 2021 David B. Green

The prime minister is trying to convince Israel's far right to join a coalition that will rely on cooperation with the Islamists. But practical issues surrounding the Bedouin communities in the Negev are complicating his political maneuvers.

The Times of Israel April 9, 2021 TOI Staff

Knesset’s legal adviser recommends revoking parliamentary activity financing, then salary cut, if lawmakers don’t take the required oath; report says MKs will redeclare on Monday.

The Times of Israel April 9, 2021 TOI Staff

Video shows cop punching MK Ofer Cassif in the head, another kneeling on his face as he lies on ground; Knesset speaker calls to prosecute officers for their ‘brutal behavior’.

The Times of Israel April 5, 2021 Staff

Authorities trying to determine if guests arrived at party in unregistered village near Rahat knowing they had virus.

The Times of Israel April 4, 2021 Stuart Winer

Opposition to the notion has dropped since February 2020, including among voters for right-wing parties Likud, Yamina and Religious Zionism, the Israel Democracy Institute finds.

Haaretz April 1, 2021

Israel elections 2021: Netanyahu calls on right-wing rivals to 'return home'. Arab faction Balad says won't endorse any PM candidate. Rivlin calls for 'unconventional' political connections.

Haaretz April 1, 2021 Ido Efrati

'The tragedy of Munir Anabtawi and his family is an exact reprise of the deaths of Shirel Habura a year ago, and of Yehuda Biadga two years ago'.

Haaretz March 31, 2021 Jack Khoury

There is a growing sense, however, in the Joint List and the United Arab List, that a fifth round of Israeli elections is the most likely outcome.

Israel 21c March 30, 2021 Abigail Klein Leichman

This tiny religious and ethnic minority makes an outsized contribution to Israel in every field of endeavor.

Haaretz March 22, 2021 Jack Khoury

In the 2020 election, voters hoped the Joint List could shape Israel's political agenda. Now, after a split in the Arab alliance and an uptick in gun violence, voters are focused on the basics: personal security, housing and jobs.

Haaretz March 20, 2021

Israel's Nation-state Law Not Meant to Harm Arabs, but Stop 'Infiltrators,' Netanyahu Tells Arab Daily.

Haaretz March 19, 2021 Bar Peleg and Jack Khoury

Witnesses of Qalansawe shooting say perpetrators broke into house and opened fire. Police say main avenue of investigation is crime family feud.

The Times of Israel March 18, 2021

PM makes comments in meeting with top officials on violent crime in Arab Israeli community, which has seen 24 fatalities already this year.

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