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The Times of Israel January 13, 2022 Staff

“Report says negotiations to start Thursday over ‘unprecedented’ program; 21 arrested in 2nd night of riots over official tree-planting in Negev, which has sparked coalition turmoil.”

The Times of Israel January 12, 2022 Aaron Boxerman

"In JNF forests, Bedouin see ‘soft expulsion,’ environmentalists see a key ecological interest, and right-wing politicians see a weapon against ‘illegal squatters.’”

The Washington Post January 12, 2022 Associated Press

“Israel’s fragile governing coalition moved to resolve a crisis on Wednesday after Arab Bedouin staged protests against tree-planting by nationalists on disputed land in the Negev desert.”

Haaretz January 11, 2022 Sheren Falah Saab

“Druze director Ameer Fakher Eldin examines 'the forgotten Israeli occupation' in the Golan Heights in his new film ‘The Stranger.’ He tells Haaretz why he won’t condemn Assad’s crimes in Syria and has no problem representing Palestine at the Oscars.”

Haaretz January 11, 2022 Jack Khoury

“Arabs – more than 20 percent of Israel's population – represent fewer than 10 percent of Israelis tested. Officials point to skepticism, lack of trust, and 'economic burden,' and warn that local government is 'tapped out.'

The Times of Israel January 10, 2022 Tal Schneider

"Change by statistics bureau to affect over 400,000 Israelis, most of them Russian-speakers not defined as Jewish and non-Arab Christians, who were previously categorized as ‘other’."

Haaretz January 10, 2022 Jack Khoury, Deiaa Haj Yahia, Nati Yefet

“United Arab List leader threatens to boycott Knesset deliberations on Jewish National Fund work on land used by locals for agriculture.”

Haaretz January 9, 2022 Deiaa Haj Yahia

"'The guns have started to threaten all of us, even in our own homes,' says the mayor of the Bedouin village in northern Israel, where 3-year-old Ammar Hujayrat was killed by a stray bullet."

Al-Monitor January 7, 2022 Mazal Mualem

“Approved yesterday by the Knesset, the new electricity law will enable connecting Bedouin homes constructed without permits to the country’s power and water grids.”


Haaretz January 5, 2022 Noa Shpigel

“Put forward by Mansour Abbas' United Arab List, the bill is primarily aimed at helping that party’s constituents, many of whom live in illegally built homes in the Negev that are not connected to Israel's national grid.”

Haaretz January 5, 2022 Hilo Glazer

“Nihaya Daoud is used to seeing eyebrows raised. That’s the reaction she got when going abroad to do a postdoc for two years without her children, and when she became the first Arab woman in Israel to be appointed professor of public health. And she's not afraid to probe the wounds of her community.”

Haaretz January 4, 2022 Josh Breiner

“The Public Security Ministry says 19,375 people sought licenses last year, 120 percent more than in 2020.”

Haaretz January 2, 2022 Or Kashti

“It is difficult to remember when a strategic discussion similar to the one involved in developing the plan was conducted on Arab education in Israel.”

Haaretz December 29, 2021 Sheren Falah Saab

“For Arabs in Israel, Hebrew will never be just a “language.” It carries political, social and national significance, and therefore cannot be examined from a neutral perspective.”

Haaretz December 28, 2021 Nati Yefet

“A news report showed officers descending from a helicopter as the police commissioner looked on – omitting the fact that police had already found nothing in a raid hours earlier.”

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