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The Times of Israel April 7, 2020 Staff

Bill to amend Basic Law on the State Economy passes 62-0, relying on 3 votes from majority Arab party; Yamina absent, along with quarantined Netanyahu and Litzman.

Israel Hayom April 7, 2020 Daniel Siryoti

As the most important Muslim holiday approaches, Arab Israeli official warns that barring government action, "What we're seeing in Bnei Brak is nothing compared to what can happen in the Arab sector during Ramadan."

Fathom April 7, 2020 Ruth Ebenstein

Without a swift and sweeping effort to help our population fight Corona and its concomitant effects, I worry that Bedouin society will collapse.’

Haaretz April 6, 2020 Nir Hasson and Jack Khoury

With Ramadan around the corner, experts are worried the relatively low rate of infection in the Arab community could be reversed, with disastrous consequences.

The Jerusalem Post April 6, 2020 Tzvi Joffre

Some 72% of right-wing respondents felt that the State of Israel is effectively dealing with the outbreak, while only 41% of center voters and 34% of left-wing voters responded similarly.

i24 News April 6, 2020 Staff

The poll, conducted in March, found that only 35% of Israeli Jews and 30% of Israeli Arabs believe that the government has failed to deal with the crisis effectively.

Haaretz April 5, 2020 Noa Shpigel

The remarks in a local Whatsapp group, for which Shmulik Simchon apologized, have drawn criticism from local police and political figures, who called the statements racist and divisive.

The Times of Israel April 4, 2020 Ira Tolchin Immergluck

Newly elected to the Joint List, self-described feminist Iman Khatib-Yasin has widespread support from both sexes as she accuses the Jewish state of the ultimate sexist suppression.

The Jerusalem Post March 31, 2020 Maayan Jaffe-Hoffman, Gil Hoffman, Eytan Halon, and Anna Ahronheim

Government approved new set of restrictions * Another Israeli succumbs to COVID-19 * Despite suspicion, Netanyahu tests negative for coronavirus.

The Times of Israel March 31, 2020 Majeda El-Batsch

Amid societal divisions and political schisms, the coronavirus crisis is highlighting the collaborative nature between peoples in country’s health services.

Jewish Press March 29, 2020 Douglas Altabef

With the right grassroots leadership, there could be an increasingly visible and sustainable momentum that can provide the Arab sector itself with the possibility of an alternative to the current leadership regime.

Haaretz March 29, 2020 Jack Khoury and Nir Hasson

Just 1% of confirmed coronavirus cases in Israel are found in Arab cities and towns. Reasons may include lack of access to tests, fear of stigma and the fact that infection is more common in upper classes.

The Jerusalem Post March 28, 2020 Yasser Okbi, Maariv and JPost Staff

The Blue and White Party broke up on Thursday after Gantz decided to enter Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government.

The Jerusalem Post March 28, 2020 Gil Hoffman

Gantz: Lapid, Ya'alon wanted elections; Lapid: Gantz didn't join because of the coronavirus.

Israel Hayom March 27, 2020 Daniel Siryoti

"We went against our principles and the red lines we set for ourselves, to give him the support to remove Netanyahu and the right-wing government, and in return we got a finger in the eye and a knife in the back," says senior Join List official.

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