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Haaretz June 2, 2023 Noa Shpigel and Shira Kadari-Ovadia

“The bills, submitted by Likud lawmaker Amit Halevy, seek to set stricter criteria for obtaining a teaching license. If legislated, the bill would require the Education Ministry to conduct a security background check on every potential teacher.”

Al-Monitor May 31, 2023 Rina Bassist

“Leaders of Arab society staged a three-day sit-in in Jerusalem against the inefficiency of the government in fighting the growing number of deadly violent incidents.”

Jerusalem Post May 31, 2023 Jerusalem Post Staff

 “The suit stresses that Arab local authorities are particularly worse off in light of their socioeconomic position and an understanding that they are not expected to benefit from the Fund.”

Haaretz May 30, 2023 Yael Freidson

“Tuesday’s compromise followed three years of deliberations between Gett and Jerusalem-based Arab drivers and a Jewish passenger, after the latter submitted a request for a class action against the company's ‘Mehadrin’ option that offered to order a taxi that is guaranteed not to be driven on Shabbat.”

+972 Magazine May 29, 2023 Barak Mayer

“From terror threat to peace hopes, Israeli views of the Palestinian flag have undergone many shifts over the decades. Now, attempts to outlaw it are back.”

Jerusalem Post May 28, 2023 Eliav Breuer

 “A-G Baharav-Miara warned that the bill would curb freedom of speech and could face ‘constitutional difficulties.’”

Haaretz May 18, 2023 Noa Shpigel

“The bill sponsored by a far-right lawmaker passed the first of four legislative hurdles.”

Times of Israel May 18, 2023 Carrie Keller-Lynn, Jeremy Sharon and Jacob Magid

“Still, contentious event ends without major incident as thousands of religious nationalists participate; some attack Palestinians and reporters, sing ‘May your village burn.’”

Times of Israel May 17, 2023 Jessica Steinberg

“Carving a path in the Israeli art world, Hannan Abu-Hussein and Maria Salah Mahameed are recognized for their trailblazing feminist work.”

Al-Monitor May 17, 2023 Rina Bassist

“Arab Israelis hope that Hadash-Ta’al leader Ayman Odeh's surprising exit from politics will shake up the Arab political system and encourage young people to revive unification efforts.”

Jerusalem Post May 16, 2023 Jerusalem Post Staff

“The new program aims to centralize and expand the existing efforts to attract Arab students to enroll in the Humanities at TAU.”

Financial Times May 16, 2023 Andrew Jack

“A pioneering programme aims to help under-represented Arabs progress in business and society.”

Haaretz May 14, 2023 Deiaa Haj Yahia

“Without work, education or direction, nearly a third of Israeli Arab young adults find themselves without a purpose, state comptroller’s report finds.” 

Jerusalem Post May 2, 2023 Ariella Marsden

"The state comptroller found that over the last six years, the number of unproductive Arab youth has continued to rise gradually."

Tablet April 25, 2023 Hillel Kuttler

“Hundreds of others who died in battle—Druze, Bedouins, Christians, Circassians—will be remembered on the country’s Memorial Day.”

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