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The Times of Israel July 7, 2020 Aaron Boxerman

Ruling allows work to continue immediately for homeless shelter on site; Jaffa Islamic Council ordered to pay legal costs to Tel Aviv municipality.

The Jerusalem Post July 7, 2020 Aaron Reich

Working in Bar-Ilan's Department of English Literature and Linguistics, Saiegh-Haddad's work specializes in developmental psycholinguistics and language acquisition.

Israel Hayom July 6, 2020 Danielle Roth-Avneri, Avi Cohen and Daniel Siryoti

Waving Palestinian and red Soviet flags at Rabin Square, demonstrators warn against annexation plan and demand end to "occupation." Five protesters arrested. Joint Arab List Chairman Ayman Odeh: The country is turning toward dictatorship, and we need to turn toward democracy.

Haaretz July 6, 2020 Judy Maltz

A new Israeli think tank is addressing a glaring omission in a state panel trying to combat COVID-19 – the lack of female and minority representation.

The Jerusalem Post July 5, 2020 Jerusalem Post Staff and Maariv Online

Jewish and Bedouin mourners joined together Sunday at the Ashkelon funeral of 45-year-old Michael Ben-Zikri.

The Times of Israel July 5, 2020 TOI Staff

Decision comes weeks after Ishmael Khaldi, who was also first-ever Bedouin diplomat, made headlines by accusing security guards in Jerusalem of kneeling on his neck.

Haaretz July 5, 2020 Noa Shpigel and Jack Khoury

The mayor, a member of Likud, was not injured and says he never got a single threat since taking office in 1998.

Haaretz July 5, 2020 Bar Peleg

Protesters carried signs depicting five-year-old daughter, who had witnessed the killing, chasing a car with her father in it.

The Times of Israel July 2, 2020 TOI Staff

Likud calls Joint List leader’s presence at event, where Abbas’s party and Islamist terror group vowed unity and ‘popular resistance’ against annexation, a ‘new low’.

Haaretz July 1, 2020 Ofer Aderet

The text reveals personal ties between Jews and Arabs that persist despite the fraught history of their peoples in this land.

Ynet News July 1, 2020 Adir Yanko

Health Ministry, IDF deny policy to separate sectors in coronavirus quarantine facilities, but Jaffa man says he was told by army officer that order was issued to divide the populations.

Jewish Press July 1, 2020 David Israel

The Special Committee for the Rights of the Child on Wednesday unanimously elected MK Yousef Jabareen (Joint Arab List) as its chairman.

The Jerusalem Post June 30, 2020 Tzvi Joffre

"Violence and crime is the outcome, the manifestation, of a systematic neglect, discrimination and underdevelopment of the Arab community and Arab citizens in Israel for many decades."

Israel Tofay June 30, 2020 David Shishkoff

When a tense situation suddenly became a wonderful opportunity.

i24 News June 29, 2020 Staff

A mere 17.4% of Israeli-Arabs trust Israel Police as MK Mansour says to battle grim trend.

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