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Middle East Monitor February 2, 2023 Middle East Monitor Staff

"Rights groups in Israel say that Arabs in Israel are forced to study at Palestinian universities in the occupied West Bank due to the major restrictions facing them if they plan to study certain majors, including medicine and social service, in Israel."

Sapir February 2, 2023 Anshel Pfeffer

"'I always say that Jews should learn love of the land from the Arabs. Jews have left Lod. But an Arab who was born in Lod dies in Lod.'"

Times of Israel February 1, 2023 Ash Obel

“Staff at HaEmek Medical Center in Afula refuse to accede racist request to move Arab couple, who eventually decide to relocate on their own.”

Times of Israel January 31, 2023 Sharon Wrobel

“The Arab population’s participation rates in the tech employment market remains low, the report showed. Arab Israelis, who represent 20% of Israel’s population, account for only 0.2% of jobs held in the startup industry. About 2% to 3% of jobs in the traditional high tech industry are held by Arab Israelis, while 16% of Arab Israelis hold degrees in STEM fields — science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.”

Middle East Monitor January 31, 2023

“The racial discrimination in the Israeli banking system is also evident in the Central Bank of Israel, which employs more than 1,000 employees, all of whom are Jewish.”

Haaretz January 25, 2023 Steven Klein

“Israeli Arabs were more positive on all issues compared to the other two groups, with 60 percent still supporting a two-state solution.”

Washington Post January 25, 2023 Jo-Ann Mort

“The Israeli public faces a choice: either accept the government’s chauvinistic vision or move toward a more integrated and pluralistic Jewish homeland that embraces all Israeli citizens.”

Times of Israel January 24, 2023 TOI Staff

“Legislation would facilitate banning individuals from running for parliament if they express any support at all for terror or a terrorist, including visiting families of suspects.”

Jerusalem Post January 20, 2023 Arnold Nataev/Maariv

“Last year, tree plantings caused clashes with the Bedouin population that lives in the area.” 

Ynet News January 18, 2023 Ilana Curiel

"Jamil Alataresh says there is high responsiveness among Bedouin community members, who wish to help; 'Everyone in the family supports me, and told me to do what I love,' the only Bedouin female in the unit says."

Times of Israel January 17, 2023 TOI Staff

“The report said the worst affected group in Israel was the Arab community, where 42.4% of the families were food insecure in 2021 — a rate almost three times higher than the general population.” 

Haaretz January 15, 2023 Jonathan Lis and Haaretz

“Sixty percent of the Jews who participated in the survey considered relations with Arabs in the country to be bad or very bad, a 33 percent increase since 2018.” 

Ynet News January 15, 2023 Sivan Hilaie

“Furthermore, only 38% of Jews and 24% of Arabs agree that the balance of power between the political parties is a reflection of public opinion, while 61% of Jews feel that there is a party that represents their views. Accordingly, 69% of Jews and 31% of Arabs think that Israel behaves as a democracy towards its Arab citizens.”

Haaretz January 15, 2023 Jack Khoury

“In practice, the lack of mobilization by Arab leadership, mistrust in government institutions and organizers’ unwillingness to include anti-occupation activism prevented it from happening.”

Haaretz January 10, 2023 Josh Breiner

"In November, the High Court of Justice accepted the police position that flags are to be removed only in specific events in which there is a 'high degree of probability' that their display will lead to a 'serious violations of public order.'"

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