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Times of Israel August 24, 2023 TOI Staff

“Finance minister reiterates he will not release the NIS 200 million he froze without tighter oversight, spars with Mudar Younes over his claims the money will reach crime groups.”

Times of Israel August 23, 2023 TOI Staff and AFP

“PM reported to get in a row with Arab authorities chief about who is responsible for deadly crime wave; Shin Bet chief said to stress will only be involved on case-by-case basis.”

Al-Monitor August 23, 2023 Rina Bassist

“Israel’s Druze community is shocked by the killing of four men in broad daylight, including a former soldier who was running for local office.”

Times of Israel August 23, 2023 Gianluca Pacchiani

“With municipal elections approaching, a municipality director and a mayoral candidate have been shot to death. Researcher Badi Hasisi says violence is seeping into politics.”

Haaretz August 22, 2023 Lior Dattel

“The Ivritana Hebrew proficiency program helps high schoolers from Israel’s Arab society practice Hebrew, which affects their success rates in the matriculation exams and in the job market...The education ministry denied reports of the program’s cancellation.”

Reuters August 21, 2023 Henriette Chacar and Maayan Lubell

“Arab local councils in Israel held a strike on Monday in protest at the finance minister’s freeze earlier this month on hundreds of millions of shekels to their municipalities, a decision that has prompted accusations of racism.”

Times of Israel July 20, 2023 Carrie Keller-Lynn

“Proposal introduced by far-right lawmaker clears preliminary reading after being temporarily shelved following condemnations by universities and rights groups.”

Jerusalem Post July 20, 2023 Jerusalem Post Staff

“As the judicial reform debate sparks protests and divides the country politically, Israel’s roughly 300,000 Bedouins do not seem bothered.”

Haaretz July 19, 2023 Nati Tucker

“Not content with transferring millions of shekels that was earmarked for the Arab community to married yeshiva students, the Otzma Yehudit lawmakers now want to kill off a plan to raise the socioeconomic level of Arab society.”

Haaretz July 17, 2023 Deiaa Haj Yahia

“Crime groups have their people sit in on city council meetings, threaten competing contractors and get their hands on funds for vital services. Murders aren't the Israeli Arab community’s only problem.”

+972 Magazine July 14, 2023 Natan Odenheimer

“The city’s dwindling Christian community is facing a spike in hate crimes under the far-right government, with possible ramifications for Israel’s ties abroad.”

Haaretz July 13, 2023 Sheren Falah Saab

“Mohammed Zeitoun is the only craftsperson in Israel who still weaves using wheat stems, like Palestinian women used to do before him. And it all began at his grandmother’s home in the Galilee.”

Haaretz July 13, 2023 Ido Efrati

“Right-wing activist Arnon Segal prompted heated discourse on social media with the condition that his kidney donation will only go to a Jewish recipient. The news drew controversy – but hundreds of Jewish Israelis have donated the same way through a legal bypass.”

Washington Post July 12, 2023 Miriam Berger

“But Israel was never just a state of Jews, a label that excluded its non-Jewish Arab and Palestinian citizens, said Yousef Munayyer, a nonresident senior fellow at the Arab Center Washington DC.”

Jewish Currents July 11, 2023 Elisheva Goldberg

 “Abandoned by the Israeli government, the country’s Palestinian citizens live at the mercy of organized crime.”

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