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The Jerusalem Post February 25, 2020 Gil Hoffman and Udi Shaham

“There will be no bulldozers on bodies, no air attacks on the Palestinians. Peace, not war. I have a limit of what I can swallow.”

Jewish News Syndicate February 25, 2020 Staff

Voter turnout in Israel’s Arab sector is expected to be around 60 percent on March 2, and 91 percent have great confidence in the impact on the next Knesset of the Joint Arab List, according to a new public opinion survey published on Monday.

The Jerusalem Post February 25, 2020 Staff

Former IDF chief of staff Gabi Ashkenazi said he feels ashamed for Netanyahu for his lies and that he was offered the role of Defense Minister by the Prime Minister.

Jewish Press February 25, 2020 David Israel

To assess an important aspect of what may be the biggest humanitarian crisis of the 21st century, the Clinics for Law and Social Change at University of Haifa sent three Arab-Israeli students to Athens, Greece last Friday to conduct research and provide social and legal aid for refugees from the Middle East and Africa this month.

Haaretz February 24, 2020 Josh Breiner

After he was shot, the car being driven by Yakub Abu al-Kiyan struck police officer Erez Levy, who died at the scene; then the teacher bled to death about 10 meters away.

Jewish Press February 24, 2020 David Israel

The ad will appear with a slogan in Arabic, saying: “Labor-Gesher-Meretz – We stand alongside gays and lesbians.” The ad will be followed by a post in Arabic on social media, addressing LGBT community members.

The Jerusalem Post February 23, 2020 Haim Katz and Sam Katz

Bigamy involves someone marrying a person while he or she is still legally married to another.

Haaretz February 23, 2020 Naama Riba

Raida Adon, the first Arab Israeli artist to get a solo exhibit at Israel Museum, tells Haaretz how sitting in a suitcase is a metaphor for the state not being able to contain her.

NBC News February 22, 2020 Lawahez Jabari and Saphora Smith

Arab citizens have slammed the measure as “racist” and part of a long-term Israeli strategy to expand its territory while maintaining a Jewish majority.

The Times of Israel February 20, 2020 TOI Staff

‘There won’t be a transfer,’ PM says of proposal to make communities in northern Triangle part of a future Palestinian state.

The Jerusalem Post February 20, 2020 Mohammad Al-Kassim and The Media Line

Arab citizens of Israel see great chance in upcoming parliamentary election to increase representation.

The Jerusalem Post February 19, 2020 Lahav Harkov

The land swap is highly controversial, sparking protests in the North and Tel Aviv; Blue and White leader Benny Gantz said he opposes it. PM: there will direct flights from Israel to Saudi Arabia.

Haaretz February 19, 2020 Haaretz Weekly

A growing number of Israeli Jews are set to reject left-wing parties, Netanyahu's racism and Trump's 'peace' plan - and vote for the Joint List on March 2.

Arutz Sheva February 18, 2020 The Land of Israel Network

Who is this minority group and why are they fiercely loyal to the Jewish State?

Haaretz February 18, 2020 Judy Maltz

The Joint List is also reaching out to Israel’s ultra-Orthodox community with campaign ads in Yiddish.

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