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Ctech January 24, 2020 Diana Bahur-Nir

The American-Israeli branding expert believes that whether you are introducing a new dish, trying to change the global perception of a certain country, or attempting to win the 2020 U.S. election, it is always about the brand.

Haaretz January 23, 2020 Rajaa Natour

Criticism of Jordanian singer Aziz Maraqa, who recently performed in a Galilee village, shows how boycotters of Israel dictate the bounds of political-cultural discourse – and expect Palestinian citizens living in the country to unquestioningly obey it.

Haaretz January 23, 2020 Tsafi Saar

For years, Israelis reserved a special scorn for Balad's Haneen Zoabi. Now that she's gone, they have wasted no time in finding her replacement: Heba Yazbak.

The Washington Post January 22, 2020 Steve Hendrix and Ruth Eglash

She was born not Leila Jabarin, but Helene Berschatzky, not a Muslim but a Jew.

The Times of Israel January 20, 2020 Adam Rasgon

Expert says Gantz reaching out to Arab public would significantly affect voter turnout; MK says Joint List can win more votes by focusing on community’s ‘burning issues’.

The Times of Israel January 18, 2020 Staff

Residents of Abu Ghosh set up mourning tent, sit Shiva in memory of Neal Erlich, a resident of the Jerusalem-area community who died suddenly at 33.

The Jerusalem Post January 18, 2020 Yasser Okbi and Maariv

Hundreds of kids study in a building that has no running water.

Haaretz January 17, 2020 Jack Khoury

Joint List submitted their Knesset roster with an air of unity and optimism, showing no traces of the internal strife that plagued the party ahead of the previous two elections.

Middle East Eye January 17, 2020 Jack Dodson

Israeli authorities plan to displace 36,000 Bedouin inhabitants of the desert region, replacing them with Jewish Israelis and industrial and military projects.

Haaretz January 16, 2020 Moshe Gilad

A Negev village that has no electricity or proper sewage system is pinning its hopes on a million-dollar walkway to boost its fortunes. A foolish investment or a historic turning point for Israel’s Bedouin?

CTech January 16, 2020 Hagar Ravet

Tech veteran Aiman Amer of the Druze village of Julis in northern Israel left his position at software testing company Qualitest to found human resources company SkillInn.

Arutz Sheva January 14, 2020 Ben Ariel

Predominantly Arab party intends to appeal to Jewish voters who are disappointed with the union between Labor-Gesher and Meretz.

The Times of Israel January 14, 2020 Stuart Winer and TOI Staff

Among Arab and ultra-Orthodox communities, nearly two-thirds are considered poor, says National Council for the Child; Rivlin calls figures ‘very worrying’.

Haaretz January 14, 2020 Ronit Vered

There's no talking politics at the Kafr Qasem market.

Haaretz January 13, 2020 Ravit Hecht

Ayman Odeh tells Haaretz why his photo with Benny Gantz was historic, why his most important message is unity on the whole left, and whether he’ll ever establish a truly Jewish-Arab party.

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