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Haaretz June 21, 2022 Jack Khoury, Noa Shpigel

“Meretz's Horowitz blames the selfishness of Yamina lawmakers, Liberman blames Netanyahu's lies and Abbas is looking to use the chaos to make political gains.”

Haaretz June 21, 2022 Jack Khoury

“For the first time, an Arab party can present its successes as part of the government ahead of an election. But in the case of the United Arab List, there's no guarantee that it will bring in voters.”

Al-Monitor June 20, 2022 Afif Abu Much

“Faced with rebel legislator Mazen Ghnaim, Muslim party Ra’am leader Mansour Abbas opted for dialogue instead of confrontation.”

Haaretz June 19, 2022 Ravit Hecht

“Apparently Jews like to think about Arabs in terms of success or failure in experiments – a terminology that has become particularly prevalent recently, in the wake of MK Nir Orbach’s cry to the members of the United Arab List following the defeat of the so-called West Bank law.”

Haaretz June 18, 2022 Adi Hashmonai, Deiaa Haj Yahia, Ran Shimoni, Josh Breiner

“Of the seven victims, four were Arab. Despite police data attesting to a slight decline in homicides in Israel's Arab community, they do not feel any safer.”

Haaretz June 16, 2022 Josh Breiner, Deiaa Haj Yahia

“Seven people were murdered in Arab communities over the last nine days. Residents claim that despite the data presented by the police there hasn't been improvement.”

Haaretz June 16, 2022 Noa Landau

“I have no particular desire to play defense counsel for Religious Services Minister Matan Kahana, of all people, or to join in the “anyone but Bibi” choir, wishing to justify the current government at any cost – but the headlines about the “trains to Switzerland” were totally taken out of their original, and fascinating, context.”

Haaretz June 14, 2022 Sam Sokol

“Arab lawmakers were enraged by Religious Affairs Minister Matan Kahana's recorded remarks to high school students in a West Bank settlement.”

Haaretz June 14, 2022 Ofer Aderet

“The comrades at a kibbutz were so concerned about the sensitive minutes of a meeting on the fate of nearby Arab villages following the Six-Day War that they sealed the pages.”


Haaretz June 13, 2022 Staff

“Over 50 percent of Israelis surveyed by Channel 12 News believe the ruling coalition – which includes the United Arab List – should not remain in power, and if elections were held today, the pro-Netanyahu bloc would be the biggest in the Knesset, but still shy of a majority.”


Haaretz June 13, 2022 Ron Cahlili

“Nasser, 24, was born and raised in Jaffa, not far from the flea market. Today he lives with his parents on the border between Jaffa and Bat Yam. Gentrification has eliminated his prospects for surviving in Jaffa, which in 1948 was home to about 120,000 Palestinians. Today there are barely 15,000.”

Haaretz June 12, 2022 Jack Khoury

“Bedouin villages aren't getting recognized and the crime problem is only improving slowly, issues that perhaps can’t be solved with Israel's right-wing partners, experts say.”

Haaretz June 11, 2022 Josh Breiner

“Since the beginning of 2022, 24 percent of murders in Israel's Arab community have been solved, while in the Jewish community that number stands at 66 percent. Of these 24 percent, only five indictments were filed.”


The Times of Israel June 7, 2022 Staff

Faction leader tells coalition he can’t convince Mazen Ghanaim to support legislation to renew application of Israeli law to settlers, the latest test for the imperiled government

Haaretz June 7, 2022 Jack Khoury

“Vote by fellow United Arab List member against extending Israel's 'emergency' West Bank regulations forces Islamist party leader to take action – but his voters won't like seeing an Arab lawmaker being punished for voting against the occupation.”

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