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The Jerusalem Post September 15, 2021 Gil Troy

To those Arab-Israelis who shunned the Palestinian prison-breakers and to those who aided the search for these killers, Shukran! Toda! Thank you!

The Jerusalem Post September 15, 2021 Editorial

“The defense establishment needs to pool resources to put a stop to Arab crime and violence.”

The Jerusalem Post September 14, 2021 Avi Grant

"Moona is an Israel-based NGO that works to integrate Arab-Israelis into the hi-tech industry. It was founded by a former IDF combat pilot."


Israel Hayom September 14, 2021 Nadav Shragai

"The Hebrew month of Tishrei has been marked by unrest for years, but after the riots this past May, Israel's preparedness must be different."

The Times of Israel September 14, 2021 Staff

"Comments by Channel 13 journalist Ali Mograbi were incorrectly translated, making it appear he named a Nazareth family that helped turn in fugitives to police."

Ynet September 14, 2021 Ron Ben-Yishai

"Analysis: Following capture of 4 out of 6 prisoners who escaped from Gilboa, it's clear the fugitives planned on finding shelter in Arab communities in the north before moving to 'friendly' West Bank to find food and weapons."

Haaretz September 14, 2021 Judy Maltz

“Ali Salalha led his high school in a Druze community in northern Israel to become a national success story. From his new position as a recently elected Member of Knesset, he has even greater plans for the future.”

Haaretz September 13, 2021 Jack Khoury, Almog Ben Zikri, Yaniv Kubovich

'We’re one people, and a single goal unites us' says Mohammed Shtayyeh after West Bank Palestinians blasted Israeli Arabs for allegedly turning in jail-breakers

Haaretz September 10, 2021 Neta Halperin

"When Nick Jones came to sell New York on a branch of his private members’ club, the World Trade Center was attacked. Political disasters accompanied Soho House openings in Istanbul and Hong Kong. Now a club has opened in Tel Aviv's Jaffa district, just months after violent disturbances there."


The Times of Israel September 9, 2021 Amy Spiro

"Four committee members vote against Walid Taha replacing his party colleague Said al-Harumi, who died last month."

Haaretz September 9, 2021 Sheren Falah Saab

"Veteran TV political correspondent Rina Matzliah interviewed United Arab List lawmaker Iman Khatib-Yasin on Saturday."

Haaretz September 7, 2021 David B. Green

"Criticized by right-wing Israelis and left-wing Arabs (among others), Ibtisam Mara’ana makes no apologies for serving as a Labor MK or for her bold vision for a joint society where Jews and Arabs are equal."

The Times of Israel September 6, 2021 Daniella Cheslow

"The brother of Yigal Yehoshua, killed by Arab rioters, and the father of Mussa Hassuna, shot dead by Jewish suspects, have found some solace in their friendship."

Ynet September 3, 2021 Afif Abu Much

"Recent spike in violence in Arab Israeli communities is actually a result of a lack of proper education at home and a product of the perception that violence is a solution, a source of income and a way of life."

Haaretz September 2, 2021 Itamar Katzir

"Iyad Shalabi and Ami Dadaon added to Israel’s record haul on Thursday, taking the total gold medals to six and the total medals to nine."

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