COVID-19 in Arab Society: New Realities, Old Disparities in ...

COVID-19 in Arab Society: New Realities, Old Disparities in a Shared National Crisis | Nov. 10

Nov 10, 2020 12:00pm - 1:00pm

In many respects, the Coronavirus pandemic is the first national crisis experienced by both Arab and Jewish communities in Israel. Moreover, Arab healthcare professionals (17% of Israel’s doctors and 24% of nurses) have been widely lauded for their contributions to the medical frontlines. Nonetheless, Arab doctors and nurses return home to different realities. Pre-existing economic gaps and lack of awareness, preparation and policies adapted to Arab realities have exacerbated both the spread of infection and impact of the crisis in Arab society. Now, the economic downturn is threatening to walk back economic development gains made in recent years. How are Jewish and Arab communities experiencing the crisis differently? What are the opportunities and challenges presented by COVID-19 for Jewish-Arab relations? And what are the implications for shared society and efforts to close economic gaps?   

Join The Associated: Jewish Federation of Baltimore on November 10 for part two of their four-part series on Arab citizens of Israel. Hear from leaders on the frontlines of the crisis for a discussion of the sense of shared crisis and cooperation, concerns about widening gaps, and the impact of both on Jewish-Arab relations.