The Haifa Community invites the Public to a Lecture Series o...

The Haifa Community invites the Public to a Lecture Series on Community and Jewish-Arab education in Haifa

Feb 9, 2012 7:30pm

The first lecture will on 'Joint Hebrew-Arabic education in Haifa', will be given by Dr. Ora Mor, expert in bilingual education. A discussion will follow the lecture. The lecture will be held on 9 February, 2012, on 7:30pm, 118 Arlosorov Street, 'Isha Lisha' building, in Haifa (basement level). The lecture is open to parents in Haifa area and anyone who interested in a shared community in Haifa. The lectures are organized by "Haifa community" and meant to study together on the concept of Jewish-Arab school in Haifa and the possibility of its application. The lectures will examine the following questions: What is a joint Jewish-Arab education? What are the dilemmas and difficulties of the existing joint schools in Israel? What are the possible educational solutions? What are the models? What kind of relationship can there be between the local community and the community of parents with school, and more. About Haifa Community Haifa community is a joint Jewish-Arab community in Haifa, which seeks to enable sustainable multi-cultural life for Jews and Arabs, open also to other communities in Haifa. The community works to establish a bilingual Arabic - Hebrew framework, anchored in a shared community and based on values ???f human dignity, civic responsibility and social concern. The community sees it selves as including all elements of society on different identities, which emphasized the friendship, the empathy and human solidarity, putting these values into action through community growth.