Bedouin Philanthropy in the Negev

Bedouin Philanthropy in the Negev

Oct 18, 2017 12:00pm

The Task Force and Jewish Funders Network hosted a presentation entitled Bedouin Philanthropy in the Negev with Ibrahim Nsasra, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and founder of the Tamar Center in the Negev, Armonot HaNegev Catering, and Lahav Tours.

 In recent years, a small but growing number of Israel's Arab entrepreneurs are becoming involved in philanthropy to advance social change and development of Arab society. Traditionally a charitable practice in Arab culture, a new generation of business leaders is bringing their resources and know-how to strategic giving, and working to expand philanthropic networks in the process.

Ibrahim Nsasra, a Bedouin businessman from Lakiya in the Negev, has used his success in the transportation industry to launch initiatives that enhance access to employment for women, and STEM education for youth. In doing so, he has engaged other business and civil society leaders and become recognized as an influential changemaker in Bedouin society—by far Israel's most disadvantaged population. How did Ibrahim Nsasra overcome barriers to success himself? What is his vision for the Bedouin society of the future? How are his actions and those of philanthropists like him affecting perceptions of leadership in the community?

Event Details:
Wednesday, October 18th 
New York City

About the Speaker
Ibrahim Nsasra

Ibrahim Nsasra is a social and economic entrepreneur. In 2015 he founded the Tamar Center in the Negev, bringing together a group of Bedouin educators and community leaders and investing close to NIS 1 million ($260,000) of his own funds. The Tamar Center works to bridge socio-economic gaps between Bedouins and the rest of Israeli society through education based in a culture of excellence, empowerment and access. In 2011, he founded Armonot HaNegev Catering Company, a social enterprise that today employs 60 people (80% of which are Bedouin women) and serves over 10,000 hot lunches to Bedouin school children each day. Prior, in 2002 when he was 21 years old, Nsasra established Lahav tours, now one of the largest transportation companies in the Negev employing over 200 people. Ibrahim Nsasra was born in Lakiya, one of 32 siblings, and is today married to Naama and has 4 children. He is proud that within one generation, the road to influence in his family has changed. His father was influential because he had 32 children. Ibrahim’s influence comes from the fact that he is educated, successful and a changemaker in his community. You will find him in most recent IAI Taskforce briefing, “Arab Philanthropy in Israel: Insights into Strategic Giving”.