Director General of the Ministry of Justice: Integrating Ara...

Director General of the Ministry of Justice: Integrating Arab Citizens into the Public Sector

Jun 9, 2015 12:00pm

On Tuesday, June 9th at 12pm ET, the Task Force held the first in a webinar series on Arab Citizens in the Public Sphere -  Building Blocks for Shared Society:

Integrating Arab Citizens into the Public Sector
with Emi Palmor, Director General
Israel's Ministry of Justice

Increasing Arab integration into civil service careers is seen as vital for greater social cohesion, greater visibility of Arabs in the public sphere and enhanced trust in the public sector, and as an example for the private sector. Currently, Arab citizens make up a little over 8% of civil service professionals, an improvement over 5.9% in 2006, but short of meeting government goals of 10% representation.

Emi Palmor, Director General of the Ministry of Justice, has initiated efforts to increase Arab professionals in the Ministry. Join us on Tuesday, June 9th to hear why this is a priority for the Ministry of Justice and what they are doing to meet and exceed representational goals. Click here to view a video about the Ministry's efforts.

View the webinar:

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About the presenter:

Emi Palmor became Director General of Israel's Ministry of Justice in 2014, n this post she is also Chair of the Inter-Ministerial Committee for the Enhancement of Arab Representation in the Public Sector. From 2000 - 2014, Palmor headed the Ministry's Department of Pardons. In this role she was a member of the team negotiating for the release of Gilad Shalit, was involved in transactions related to the release and exchange of Palestinian prisoners, and was responsible for preparing the Ministry's recommendations for Presidential pardons. She was also responsible for specialized tasks related to efforts to locate missing soldiers, and established an analytical database for collaboration among Israel's intelligence and security agencies about Palestinian prisoners held in Israel. Prior to her tenure as Director of the Department of Pardons, Palmor served as Prosecutor at the State attorney office. Emi Palmor received her Law Degree from Hebrew University in 1990. She completed her specialization with Judge Zvi Tal in the District Court in Jerusalem and at the law offices of Yair Golan in criminal law.