The Abraham Fund Initiatives Tour: Policing in a Divided Soc...

The Abraham Fund Initiatives Tour: Policing in a Divided Society - International Models Seminar

Nov 11 - 30, 2012 9:00am - 9:00am

The Abraham Fund Initiatives Policing in a Divided Society International Models Seminar The Abraham Fund Initiatives will lead a delegation of Israeli police Station Commanders to Los Angeles and Washington D.C. in November 2012. The goals of the delegation are to enhance the study of Arab society-police relations, legitimize the subject in the upper echelons of the police, increase the commitment of Station Commanders as leaders of community-based policing in the field and learn about the process of reforms that the LAPD underwent following the 1992 Los Angeles riots. The delegation will undergo a two-day preparatory seminar in Israel prior to the trip. The seminar will cover topics related to Arab society, police- minority relations in the United States, Arab society-police relations in Israel and community policing. The delegation will visit Los Angeles from November 11th to November 18th. The delegation will visit the Los Angeles Police Academy to study multi-cultural policing methods and community policing; visit the Los Angeles Sheriff's Headquarters to study the processes of change and reform in the district's work with minorities ; participate in field visits with police stations located in multi-ethnic neighborhoods to study the challenges and implementation of community policing; join patrols of stations policing in multi-ethnic communities; meet with officers participating in community policing programs; meet with minority community representatives to understand civil society's role in partnership with the police; and visit the Museum of Tolerance to study the perception of the role of law enforcement professionals in the community. In Washington D.C., the delegation will visit the D.C. police headquarters and a station in East D.C. to study challenges in community-based and culturally sensitive policing. The delegation is sponsored by USAID and the U.S. embassy in Israel as well as the United States Institute of Peace. About Policing in a Divided Society: Policing in a Divided Society is a growing national initiative aimed at improving the relationship between the Israeli police and the Arab community that it serves and strengthening the police services provided to the Arab community. The initiative promotes dialogue and partnership with the Arab community, focusing on its needs regarding violence and crime and equipping the police with the skills and awareness required to effectively serve a diverse society. The initiative provides diversity and cultural sensitivity training programs for police staff, planning and problem-solving partnerships between local police and Arab community leaders, joint educational programs for neighboring Arab/Jewish communities and international training seminars for police staff to study best practices of culturally sensitive policing- working towards building mutual trust and ensuring equitable service for all citizens. About The Abraham Fund Initiatives: The Abraham Fund Initiatives has been working since 1989 to promote coexistence and equality among Israel's Jewish and Arab citizens. Named for the common ancestor of both Jews and Arabs, The Abraham Fund advances a cohesive, secure and just Israeli society by promoting policies based on innovative social models, and by conducting large-scale social change initiatives, advocacy and public education. The Abraham Fund believes that constructing a shared society of inclusion and equality among Israel's Jewish and Arab citizens is a moral and pragmatic imperative for the State of Israel; a society in which the individual rights as well as the political, cultural and religious character of each community is clearly and unambiguously recognized and respected. The Abraham Fund is led in Israel by Jewish and Arab co-executive directors, and by a diverse and fully integrated staff and Board of Directors. (99.0 kB) (