Ein Bustan: Strengthening Jewish-Arab Relations in Israel th...

Ein Bustan: Strengthening Jewish-Arab Relations in Israel through Early Childhood Education

Nov 27, 2013 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Join us on Nov 25th in New York City for a luncheon on: Strengthening Jewish-Arab Relations in Israel through Early Childhood Education with Amir Shlomian Founder, Ein Bustan Jewish/Arab Waldorf Kindergarten and Community Center Though many Arab and Jewish children grow up in adjacent communities in Israel, most attend separate Arab and Jewish schools and have limited opportunities to come in contact until adulthood. (http://pr.ak.vresp.com/3a781f27c/iataskforce.org/edu_au/Invitations/Amir-Shlomian-sm.jpg) Nine years ago, teacher and musician Amir Shlomian recognized a need for positive childhood experiences among Israel's Arabs and Jews and founded Ein Bustan - Jewish/Arab Waldorf Kindergarten. Implementing the Waldorf system, Ein Bustan has been effectively bringing both children and their families together and inspiring the creation of similar bilingual programs. Come hear Amir speak about Jewish/Arab relations in Israel, how Ein Bustan changed his community, and why he believes integrated early childhood programs are key for strengthening shared society. Space is limited. Please RSVP to [email protected]. Event details: Nov. 25th at 12:30pm New York City A light lunch will be served. Location details provided upon RSVP. Speaker Bio: Born and raised in Israel, Amir Shlomian received his advanced musical education in Paris and his training as a Waldorf teacher in London. After traveling the world he resettled back in Israel, where he taught music in the country's first Waldorf school in kibbutz Harduf. In 2005 Amir founded Ein Bustan, a non-profit educational community located on the meeting point of the Jewish village of Kiryat Tivon and the Bedouin villages Hilf and Basmat Taba'un. Ein Bustan, where all activities are conducted in both Hebrew and Arabic, includes today early childhood classes, two kindergartens, and an elementary school that currently runs up to third grade.