Hila - For Equality in Education

Hila - For Equality in Education

Hila was established on the principle that equal access to education and equal educational services for all, is a basic civil right. Hila provides parents with information of their rights and legal assistance to see them implemented.

Israel has a fairly good education system. However, too often, a family’s financial status, educational level and – sometimes – ethnic origin determine their children’s educational opportunities. Consequently, only 1 out of 10 students entering university comes from an underprivileged family. Acquiring quality education is the route to changing the fate of these children and to breaking the educational and resultant poverty cycle.

Active and involved parents are the most effective catalyst for improving the quality of their children’s education. To that end, Hila was established in 1987, to train and support parents with the aim of integrating them into the pedagogical process as influencing participants and catalysts for the improvement of academic standards.

Hila works amongst Jews and Arabs, Veterans and New Immigrants and graduates of Hila's activities have raised academic achievements and improved conditions at schools across the country. Hila’s advocacy has also led to significant improvements on the national level: parent rights in the special education placement procedure; tighter supervision on the dispensation of psychiatric drugs to pupils and increased transparency in schools. Over the years, Hila has placed thousands of children on a track leading to a successful matriculation and higher education.


Hila’s Goals:
A. Empowering parents to become influencing factors within and for the improvement of the education system
B. Advancing and developing social and educational projects for the improvement of educational achievements and the expansion of social involvement
C. Influencing Ministry of Education policy to increase the rights of parents and children

Parent Empowerment Courses
Hila’s Parent Empowerment Courses offer parents information and practical tools to improve their child’s level of education and diagnose local educational problems. Each course consists of 10 meetings of approximately 15 participants and ...
Education, community development
Private Consultation
Hila is contacted each year by more than 1200 parents seeking advice, support, and counseling regarding children whose rights have been violated in schools and in the education system. We offer help to parents faced with: Illegal or unjustified alloc ...
Education, community development
Seminars on Educational Equality for Arab and Jewish Parent Groups
Every year Hila conducts a weekend seminar and several one day seminars about Educational Equality for Arab and Jewish Parent Groups. These events create a forum of activists for cross-community learning by uniting parents, community activists, stude ...
Education, community development
Hila’s publications in Hebrew, Arabic, and Amharic provide parents with detailed information about the Israeli education system and parents’ and students’ rights. For example, they provide information on new legislation from the Min ...
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Public Campaigns
Hila’s Public Campaigns focus on: Promoting parent status and involvement in the education system Promoting information transparency Models of co-operation between parents and the education system Transparency is needed as a basis for action or ...
Education, community development
Parent Advice Column in Hebrew and Arabic Media
Each week Hila answers questions from the public in Yedioth Ahronoth, Israeläs largest newspaper. The Parent Advice column is published in the local supplement on Fridays all over the country however not (yet) in Tel Aviv. the questions are also ...
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