Kav Mashve: Bridging the gap between higher education and ca...

Kav Mashve: Bridging the gap between higher education and career

During the past four years, Kav Mashve has prepared about 450 college and university students upon entering the workforce in their chosen fields. Kav Mashve conducts at least 10 Campus Business Clubs yearly on seven campuses across Israel in different professional fields. The program offers industry-specific soft skills training, networking, site visits and individual job placement services, and it has an average of 75% successful job placement within one year of graduation. This program has successively moved entirely into Zoom since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Employer Bootcamps offer an intensive field-specific training program in collaboration with employers from various fields and addresses Arab graduates that are underemployed. The goal of the program is to drastically increase the chances of successful job placement in the respective field of studies. During the three-month Bootcamps, the students receive soft-skills training, tailormade on-the-job-training, they complete a project and are assigned a professional mentor who accompanies them throughout the program.

As Arab professionals integrate leading Israeli companies in such as human resource, biotech, engineering, computer science, finance and law, they will be able to act as important change agents for coming Arab generations

Kav Mashve
Employment inequality for Israel's Arab citizens is a major obstacle towards achieving socio-economic justice, inclusiveness and diversity in Israel today. The Arab minority constitutes 21% of the Israeli society but only 13% of the general workforce and 0.3% of the managers in leading companies. There is a potential loss of 31 billion shekel every year due to the untapped Arab potential. Kav Mashve focuses on creating strategic job placements in key positions at major Israeli companies, par ...