New Horizons Ophakim La'atid

New Horizons Ophakim La'atid

Ofakim La'atid helps to advance the Druz community in Israel for the benefit of the Druz and for the State of Israel.

There is currently an identity crisis amongst the Druz population regarding their relationship to the
state of Israel. Ofakim La'atid was founded in 2008 in an attempt to address this problem. The
crisis exists due to a lack of modern leadership, gaps in education and weak internal economics.

Ofakim La'atid is already making a change by currently operating 12 different projects all founded and operated
by their members.
Ofakim La'atid targeted three areas of development:

(i) advocating leadership skills amongst the young,

(ii) building new communities, based on the organiziations' members, for strengthening weak communities and

(iii)teaching Israeli society about the Druz population.

Ofakim La'atid is an umbrella organization of more than 300 members, representing all the Druz villages
throughout the country. It represents the young leadership of the community, as a group that
combines the Druz unique tradition with the will to progress. The Druz community is a small and
tightly knit community. Ofakim La'atid succeeded in recruiting influential members including the first IDF
Druz combat pilot, the first Druz women who became a lecturer at the Haifa University, the first Druz
Professor and six Chairmen of NGOs. Among their members are many role models who can bring a change.