From Shared Space in the Classroom to Shared Life in the Pub...

From Shared Space in the Classroom to Shared Life in the Public Sphere

Windows’ team believes that in order to achieve a shared life based on the values of democracy and equality, it is necessary, among other things, to provide teachers with the tools to be able to educate towards this goal. With the benefit of 25 years’ experience, Windows has developed an inclusive education model to provide these tools and aims to leverage the positive impact of its’ expertise by offering it at the systemic level. 

Windows offers – under the title “From Shared Space in the Classroom to Shared Life in the Public Sphere” – a two-stage (30-hour each) training program for teachers from Jewish and Arab schools in Israel. This program was approved by the Department for Shared Life Education in the Ministry of Education. Through Windows’ training, teachers’ actions will change as they undergo their own bi-national process, facilitated by the Windows team. They will gain a deeper understanding of emotional group processes that will give them new skills to be used in the classroom. Teachers will gain pedagogical tools to deal with misconceptions and prejudices as expressed through violence, racism and exclusion. Consequently, teachers will be enabled to contain and respond constructively to such expressions in a learning environment.

In addition, Windows’ training will strengthen educators’ ability to develop and operate bi-national encounter programs that enable sincere coping with the complex reality of life in this region. This will allow teachers to promote shared life values within their own schools as well as within the wider educational sphere.

Each training will reach an average of 20 educators. These educators are expected to collectively reach hundreds of students. 

Further information about Windows' training, theories of change, and methods can be found on Windows' teacher training website,

This program runs in partnership with the Israel Ministry of Education: Department for Shared Life Education. 

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