MITVEH Center for Promoting the Arts in Education in Israel

MITVEH Center for Promoting the Arts in Education in Israel

MITVEH aims to establish a national centre dedicated to educational advancement through ART, based in Jerusalem, meeting the needs of the diverse and complex multi-cultural Israeli society of the 21st century.

The MITVEH Center strives to offer innovative professional resources, support, guidance and a space for presentations, for integrating The Arts in formal and informal educational frameworks in Israel.

MITVEH's goal is to promote Art in education in Israel by developing effective art programs across the curriculum that develop learning skills, high level thinking and creativity, along with social awareness and cultural sensitivity.

MITVEH aims to create a dynamic artistic platform leading educators, artists, educational and art institutions in Israel to advance their professional work, goals and accomplishments through the creative language of ART, enhancing mutual learning, partnerships and cross-cultural dialogue between them.

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