Sanabel post-high school program

Sanabel post-high school program

The Sanabel leadership institute is a gap year program that aims to educate Arab high-school graduates for active citizenship in a democratic society. Many of its participants are graduates of "Ajyal"- a secular Arab youth movement that operates nationwide as part of Ha'shomer Ha'tzair youth movement. The central components of Sanabel are value-based education, identity building, academic learning and social action.

Acting as a bridge between Arab youth and Israeli society, Sanabel aims to empower its graduates and provide them with an opportunity to take on educational leadership positions and roles. The program therefore emphasizes tools that further integration and collaboration such as Hebrew language skills, knowledge of current events, and familiarity with Arab and Jewish society, culture, and leadership in Israel.

Considering the current lack of post high school programs in Arab society, we believe this program is highly necessary to our target audience.

Sanabel is based in the Givat Haviva Campus and operates under boarding school conditions for three days each week, with the remaining days dedicated to volunteering and educational projects in participants' respective communities.


Hashomer Hatzair - Ajyal
Ajyal, an Arab Israeli youth movement and Arab division of Hashomer Hatzair, was founded in 2004 to address gaps in formal education by providing young Arab citizens of Israel with informal education opportunities.