ACHERET Center: Arab-Jewish Center for Physics Research in t...

ACHERET Center: Arab-Jewish Center for Physics Research in the Galilee


''ACHERET'', the Arab Jewish Center for Physics Research in the Galilee, was established with the goal of creating a culture of critical thinking in Physics through high level scientific research within a multicultural learning environment. "ACHERET'' creates an alternative educational framework that brings together students and teachers from various backgrounds, stresses excellence and educational leadership, professionalism and innovation.

Amutat Manor-Cabri (the operator of Acheret), located in the heart of the Western Galilee just five miles from the border with Lebanon, is an educational institution for youth 13-18 years old, which combines studies in the arts, sciences and humanities. Manor-Cabri is committed to producing innovation, engaging students in critical thinking, and strengthening students' commitment to justice, equality, good citizenship and community involvement.


There are 5 programs currently running in the Centre, all of them targeting both Arabs and Jews:

  • 9th grade Arab-Jewish Excellence Workshop aimed at drawing girls and boys to science in high school
  • Volunteer Corps - Civil service opportunity in schools for Arab and Jewish high school graduates
  • Facilitator Workshop, providing teachers with training in research-based teaching methodology - certified by the Ministry of Education as an official Teacher Training Center
  • Regional Topic-based Research Groups dedicated to astronomy, optics and other disciplines
  • Research-paper Writing Workshop for 11th and 12th graders writing their 2 or 5 points research papers






ACHERET Center: Arab-Jewish Center for Physics Research in the Galilee