The Nazareth Fund

The Nazareth Fund

Founded as a nonprofit charitable organization in 1999, the Nazareth Fund encourages and organizes initiatives that aim to improve the city in the different fields of education, science, arts, literature, health, sports, social welfare and other charitable activities. It also provides scholarships for carrying out research on Nazareth's history, cultural heritage, architecture and archaeology. The fund aspires to create a cohesive and tolerant society where citizens live together in harmony regardless of religion, social class or education.

The Nazareth Fund is a legal NGO registered by the Ministry of Justice under number 58034480. Donations to the Nazareth Fund are tax exempt according to subparagraph 46 of the Tax Law.

Some of the Fund's projects include:

  • Irwin Green Child Development Center
  • Lighting ancient historical sites such as the Basilica of the Annuciation, the Salesian Convent, al-Salam Mosque, the Carmelite Convent, the White Mosque, and St. Joseph Church.  

  • Fitness and Health Center, which is the first modern-equipped fitness center in the city serving the local community.

  • Research scholarship on Nazareth's archaeological, historical and cultural heritage

  • Supporting families in need

  • Tennis center at the YMCA Center, which serves as a meeting opportunity for Arab and Jewish children from the city.

  • Bethea and Irwin Green Vocational Training Center and gym for girls

  • Lighting the Nazareth Football Stadium, which is used by several football teams from the professional league and by school children for different sporting events including Arab-Jewish encounters.  

  • Hockey roller rink


Many of these projects were and continue to be made possible by the generosity of the late Irwin Green, industrialist, philanthropist and friend to the city of Nazareth.

The Nazareth Fund
P.O. Box 2333
Nazareth 16132
Phone: 972-54-5419357
Email: [email protected]