JITLI ' Jacobs International Teen Leadership Institute

JITLI ' Jacobs International Teen Leadership Institute


  • To engage equally represented groups of Jewish American, Jewish Israeli, Arab Israeli, and Palestinian high school students, who are entering their senior year, in a series of multicultural seminars, dialogues, simulation games, performances, presentations, and encounters with experts in relevant fields.
  • To develop leadership and communication skills among participants.
  • To enrich these dialogues while traveling through San Diego, CA, home of the Jewish Americans, and Israel, visiting and exploring sites significant to all groups.
  • To provide opportunities for maintaining relationships and continuing dialogue between the participants after the trip.
  • To encourage participants to share their experiences and knowledge at community events and public forums.
  • To allow participants to confront contemporary and historical issues facing Jews, Muslims, and Christians, in an environment that acknowledges similarities and differences, and which promotes recognition and acceptance of their cultures.
  • To build long term connections and relationships between the participants themselves, their families, and their communities.
  • To promote coexistence and understanding between individuals of different backgrounds, cultures, and religions.

All JITLI's activities are done between Arab and Jewish neighbors, in Israel and with the support and involvement of the Jewish communities in San Diego-USA and in Mexico City.



JITLI ' Jacobs International Teen Leadership Institute

Website: http://www.jitli.org/index.html