Tishreen Association: Creating a Grassroots Arab Womens Move...

Tishreen Association: Creating a Grassroots Arab Womens Movement

This project greatly contributes to Tishreen’s strategy of initiating public dialogue about issues of concern to local residents and mobilizing citizenry – particularly those who lack a voice within society – to become agents of change.  Tishreen's goal is to create a skilled, highly motivated, committed and active group of women activists.  Its multi-year strategy includes recruiting a diverse group of local women, training them to identify and define local problems, providing them with the skills they need to successfully implement grassroots initiatives for change and supporting them in their activities. 

Tishreen Association
Tishreen is a non-profit and non-partisan civic organization founded in 2008 in Taybeh, located in the Israel’s Triangle region.  Founded by a diverse group of social activists, we promote grassroots civic activism by and for the benefit of the region’s approximately 165,000 Arab citizens. Tishreen aims to strengthen democratic civil society in the Triangle region that is proactive and influential. Accordingly, women, youth, children and young adults are provided with ...
The Sindian Center in Kalansua - serving the "Southern Triangle" region: Early Intervention Center

Website: http://en.beitissie.org.il/