Municipal Elections in Israel's Arab Society | Resource Roun...

Municipal Elections in Israel's Arab Society | Resource Roundup

November 29, 2018

Municipal elections were held across Israel on October 30. In Israel’s Arab society, local elections are widely regarded as more consequential for daily life than national elections. They attract high voter turnout and revolve around internal dynamics and priorities not often seen on the national stage.

The Task Force produced a number of resources about campaign trends, results, and insights into Arab society gleaned from the elections:


Municipal Elections 2018 | Insights and Trends in Israel's Arab Society

This Task Force report explores the significance of elections in Arab society, the major issues that influenced campaigns and outcomes, and the internal trends and dynamics at play. 


2018 Local Elections | Preliminary Results in Arab Society

A brief Task Force report summarized preliminary results in Arab society, including voter turnout, leadership turnover, women candidates, and key races.






Local Elections in Israel's Arab Society | Campaigns, Outcomes, and Internal Trends: Listen to the Conference Call with Dr. Hana Swaid and Ola Najami Yousef

This call with two prominent Israelis shared insghts into the influence of traditional family structures in local government and efforts to modernize leadership; the record number of women candidates; and possible implications of election results for ongoing social and economic trends in Arab society. 



Arab Women Candidates Gather at Nazareth Conference

Arab women running for office came together in Nazareth for the first conference of its kind. The conference marks the milestone in a wide-reaching campaign in Arab society to increase women’s involvement in politics.




Upcoming Local Elections in Mixed Cities Bring Out Anti-Arab Sentiment

In advance of Israeli municipal elections, some political parties campaigned on platforms of tensions and mistrust between Jewish and Arab citizens, reinforcing and, some say, legitimizing divisive discourse along ethnic lines.

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