Condemnations of Price-Tags Attacks by Task Force's Members

Condemnations of Price-Tags Attacks by Task Force's Members

May 18, 2014

The American Jewish Federation of Greater Metrowest NJ, a Task Force member, expressed in a press release the concern that failure to tackle these attacks on Arabs could trigger a violent backlash causing immense damage to Jewish-Arab relations in Israel. The press release calls on the Israeli government and law enforcement to do everything possible to arrest the perpetrators and send a clear message that hate crimes will not be tolerated.

Other Task Force members have also condemned "Price Tag" attacks in the past weeks. Please find below the following press releases:

AJC Condemns "Price Tag" Attacks on Israeli Arab Communities

ADL Says Israeli Government Must Crackdown Against “Price Tag” Attacks 

Conference of Presidents Leaders Express Outrage at Attacks by Extremist Elements in Israel

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