NCJW provided Bedouin shelters during Gaza War

NCJW provided Bedouin shelters during Gaza War

September 23, 2014

Most Bedouin Arabs in Israel’s Negev Desert do not have access to bomb shelters and had no recourse from rocket-fire during Operation Protective Edge. Almost half of the Negev's 210,000 Bedouins reside in unrecognized villages in areas defined as "open spaces” over which the Iron Dome Defense system is not implemented.

NCJW, a member of the Task Force, recognized the need for shelter for the vulnerable Bedouin population and partnered with AJEEC-NISPED to provide three mobile bomb shelters that can each protect up to 20 children and their teachers. Following public petitions, an updated siren system will now send pre-warnings to all villages on their smart phone.   


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