GR-1297 | NIS 5.2 Billion for Negev Bedouin Socio-Economic D...

GR-1297 | NIS 5.2 Billion for Negev Bedouin Socio-Economic Development

March 31, 2022

Rahat. Photo Credit: Lior Levin

On March 14, 2022, the Government of Israel passed GR-1297, a NIS 5.2 billion, five-year socio-economic-development plan for Bedouin society in the Negev. The budget for this plan was initially approved in November under Takadum, the comprehensive development package for Arab society in Israel. The actual plan, however, was finalized and approved subsequently.

This IATF report provides a brief overview of what’s included in GR-1297, how it builds on the previous plan, and some of the challenges and opportunities to look for in the months ahead.

Click the link to view the report. Please share with your colleagues and constituents and reach out for further discussion.

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