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IATF/SVF Funder Brown Bag: New Government Actions Related to Arab Society | Jan 26
January 27, 2023

Watch the recording of the IATF/SVF Funder Brown Bag: New Government Actions Related to Arab Society held on January 26, 2023. Ofer Dagan (Sikkuy-Aufoq) and Ilan Amit (IATF) discussed how new government actions are expected to affect Arab society. Their presentation included a review of consequential coalition agreements and ongoing efforts to track relevant government actions.


Infographic Educational Fact Sheet on Arab Citizens of Israel
December 9, 2022

This set of resources provides background on Arab citizens of Israel and Jewish-Arab relations in Israel, a selection of key facts, and discussion questions for further reflection. They are designed to be a companion to an educational program or a starting point for further learning. You can refer to the Source Sheet Companion for a list of links used to compile this resource, as well as a selection of additional resources.

IATF and iCenter designed this set of resources to compliment an introductory session for Israel Educators on the complex identity and experiences of Arab citizens of Israel. It is a great resource to provide participants before a program with a speaker who is an Arab citizen of Israel, a film discussion, or any other activity related to Arab citizens of Israel and Jewish-Arab relations. It is also an excellent tool for Israel educators who need accessible “fast facts” and framing regarding these topics.  

This resource was last updated December 2022 and will be periodically updated. If you have any questions please contact Erica at [email protected].  


Infographic Fact Sheet

Citizenship and Residency Chart

A Source Sheet Companion with References is Available Here.

IATF Annual Meeting - December 12, 2022
October 27, 2022

Arab citizens have never been more prominent in Israeli and American Jewish discourse. How is national attention affecting Arab society and Jewish-Arab relations in Israel? What developments are underway behind the scenes? Join us for a day of learning and discussion.