Shimon Peres's speech delivered at the Presidential Inductio...

Shimon Peres's speech delivered at the Presidential Induction Ceremony Speech at the Knesset - July 2007



"Israel must, not only be an asset but a value. A moral, cultural and scientific call for the promotion of man, every man. It must be a good and warm home for Jews who are not Israelis, as well as for Israelis, who are not Jews. And it must create equal opportunities for all segments of the population without differentiating between religion, nationality community or sex."

"The Galilee: its charm is renowned. It possesses overwhelming beauty. Half of the people living there are Jews and half are Arabs. This is an opportunity to create true equality for all. The Galilee invites the young generation to enrich the Galilee with intellectual energy and to establish in it clean industries, to cover it with vines and to host tourists in it."

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