Shared Life Education: Program Database

The Shared Life Education Database compiles organizational data (operational and financial) about programs in Israel's public education system that aim to develop tools, experience, and awareness for cultivating a shared society in a diverse and multicultural country, as described in the Task Force briefing paper, Shared Life Education in Israel's Public Education System.

Programs in the database are listed by category, as defined in the paper, including: Language and Teacher Integration, Encounters, Teaching Colleges and Professional Training, and Bilingual Schools. Most program pages also include potential development or expansion pending funding, and its projected operational cost.


Click on the categories below to view the list of programs and access detailed profiles.

The SLE database is a pilot initiated and supported by the Naomi and Nehemiah Cohen Foundation as an extension of the program mapping conducted by the Inter-Agency Task Force on Israeli Arab Issues and included in the IATF briefing paper on shared life education.

This database is a pilot and designed as a model that can be applied to programs in additional domains such as higher education, employment, leadership, high-tech programs, policy initiatives, and more.

All information presented in the Database was provided by the organizations themselves, including program descriptions and budgetary information.