Task Force Resources and Publications

The Task Force produces in-depth briefing papers on major areas of development in the field and shorter updates on current events, legislation and government activity. In addition, we have fact sheets compiled by Professor Elie Rekhes on 21 issue areas.



Arab Citizens’ Integration into Israeli High-Tech: Achievements and Emerging Issues | August 2018

Informal Education in Israel’s Arab Society: From an Overlooked Field to a Government Priority | July 2017

Arab Philanthropy in Israel: Insights into Strategic Giving | January 2017

Shared Life Education in Israel's Public Education System | February 2016

Escalations of October 2015: Impact on Jewish-Arab Relations in Israel | October 2015

Jewish-Arab Relations and the Summer of 2014: Assessments and Insights | November 2014

Shared Society Between Jewish and Arab Citizens of Israel - Realities, Visions and Practices | February 2014

Arab Citizen Employment in Israel - Critical Concern and Great Potential | July 2013 

Higher Education for Arab Citizens of Israel | December 2012



GR-922 Mid-Term Update: Five-Year Economic Development Plan for Arab Society | March 2019

2019 Israeli General Elections Brief | March 2019

GR-922 Update: Implementation Status of "Etgarim" - The Program for Informal Education in Arab Society | December 2018

Municipal Elections in 2018: Insights and Trends in Israel’s Arab Society | November 2018

2018 Local Elections – Preliminary Results in Arab Society | November 2018

Nation State Law: Arab, Druze, Government and Civil Society Responses | August 2018

Basic Law: Israel as the Nation-State of the Jewish People: Discourse and Implications for Arab Citizens of Israel | July 2018

Gateway to the Academy: A Three-Year Government Plan to Enhance Access to Higher Education for Negev Bedouin | June 2018

Escalations on the Gaza Border and US Embassy Move: Arab Citizen Response and Impact on State-Minority Relations | May 2018

Economic Development Plan for the Arab Sector: 2016 – 2017 Government Implementation Update | April 2018

President Trump's Declaration on Jerusalem: Arab Citizens’ Response and Jewish-Arab Discourse in Israel | December 2017

The Council for Higher Education's Plans to Enhance Arab Citizens Access to Higher Education: Progress and New Priorities | September 2017

Economic Development Plan for the Arab Sector: Update on First Year Implementation | May 2017

Government Resolution 2397: Socio-Economic Development Plan for Negev Bedouin | March 2017

Home Demolitions and State-Minority Relations: The Events in Qalansawe and Umm Al Hiran | January 2017

Economic Development Plan for the Arab Sector: Capacity Building for Arab Localities | November 2016

Economic Development Plan for the Arab Sector: Current Status, Government Workplans and Civil Society Involvement | July 2016

Historic Economic Development Plan for the Arab Sector: Overview and Key Allocation Areas | January 2016

Israel’s Arab Citizens and the 2015 General Elections: Post-election Review I April 2015

Israel's Arab Citizens and the March 2015 General Elections | March 2015

Israel’s Arab Citizens and the March 2015 General Elections | January 2015

Basic Law Proposal: Israel as the Nation-State of the Jewish People | December 2014

The Governance Bill | March 2014

10 Years to the Orr Commission Recommendations | October 2013

The Bill on the Arrangement of Bedouin Settlement in the Negev ("Prawer-Begin Plan") | July 2013 

Israel's Arab Citizens and the Upcoming General Elections | January 2013



Negev Bedouin | February 2018

Druze in Israel | January 2018



Shared Life Education Program Database



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FACT SHEETS | Updated June 2014
Compiled by Prof. Elie Rekhess, Associate Director, Crown Center for Jewish and Israel Studies, Northwestern University

Condensed Fact Sheet - 2 Pages for Single-Sheet Double-Sided Printing (recommended for distribution at events)

Condensed Fact Sheet - 3 Pages, Larger Font

Authority for the Economic Development of the Arab, Druze and Circassian Sectors

Bedouin in the Negev

Citizenship Law




Geographical Distribution and Type of Settlement



Jewish-Arab Relations

Knesset Elections, January 22, 2013

Land and Planning

Mixed Cities in Israel

National Identity

National-Civic Service

Population and Demographics

Religion - Christians

Religion - Druze

Religion - Muslim