Task Force Activities

GR-922 Mid-Term Update
March 15, 2019

Government Resolution 922, the unprecedented five-year government development plan for Israel’s Arab society, estimated at NIS 11-15 billion, marked three years of implementation at the end of 2018. In a September 2018 GR-922 Steering Committee meeting, government officials reported on accomplishments and implementation barriers over the first two and a half years of the Plan, and the status of its various components. The reports include data and insights as collected and analyzed by the government. The meeting also included insights and concerns voiced by the Arab Mayors Forum.

International Women's Day 2019
March 11, 2019

Underrepresented in higher education and the labor market, Arab women in Israel are advancing in these areas that are essential to improving their socio-economic status and their fuller integration into Israeli society. These changes were reflected in a number of events marking International Women’s Day 2019.

JFN 2019 International Conference | Mar 17-19
March 4, 2019

Logo imageThe 2019 Jewish Funders Network International Conference, taking place in San Franciso on March 17-19, will feature an educational session and follow up lounge discussion with Dr. Eran Halperin, Siwar Hasan Aslih and Danielle Shani, from IDC Herziliya, on Jewish-Arab relations in Israel. Join us to hear how intergroup power dynamics influence social change and economic development efforts. 

Speaker tour: Nasreen Hadad Haj'Yahya on forging a stronger shared Israeli society
February 25, 2019

Image eventNasreen Hadad Haj-Yahya will speak about her personal story, professional insights, and for a "behind-the-headlines" discussion of Jewish-Arab relations, challenges and opportunities in Israel. 

Breakfast Briefing: Social Impact Bonds in Israel's Arab Society | Feb 15
February 15, 2019

Please join us on Friday, February 15 at 8:45 am for an intimate breakfast briefing in NY with Yaron Neudorfer, CEO of Social Finance Israel (SFI). At SFI, Yaron has been leading development of Social Impact Bonds as an innovative financing method to address social issues in Israel. Yaron will discuss how the model works, why several issues in Arab society have been suitable for this kind of vehicle and why, for example, improving Bedouin math achievements in Rahat, Israel’s poorest city, is expected to yield national and local economic benefits.

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