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Arab and Jewish LGBTQ Identities in Israel: Creating inclusivity and navigating differences
June 22, 2018

Join Us on June 22nd in New York City to hear from Israel Gay Youth's (IGY) International Secretary Liana Meirom and Coordinator of Arab Groups, ALWAN, Nizar Helawy, for an in-depth discussion of Jewish and Arab LGBTQ realities in Israel, and the status of efforts to enhance acceptance and understanding for diversity in the LGBTQ community, and gender and sexual difference within Arab society.

Israel at 70: Perspectives on Recent Events, Arab Citizens and the State
June 11, 2018

Jewish-Arab relations this year have been marked by significant advances in efforts to narrow socio-economic gaps on the one hand, and escalation of tensions and discourse on the other. If for Arab citizens of Israel national milestones are already complicated, then how have the recent inauguration of the US embassy in Jerusalem, the wave of Palestinian protests at the Gaza border, and clashes between Arab protesters and police in Haifa affected Arab perspectives on Israel at 70? What are Arab views on their place in the country today and in the future, and what factors do they see limiting or enabling stronger Jewish-Arab and state-minority relations?

On May 23rd, Zefat’s Dean of Law, Dr. Mohammed Wattad and Israel Public Radio's Eran Singer gave an in-depth discussion of Israel at 70 from the perspective of its Arab citizens, with insights into Jewish-Arab relations, shared society, and Israel's delicate balance as a Jewish and democratic state.


Escalations on the Gaza Border and US Embassy Move: Arab Citizen Response and Impact on State-Minority Relations
June 1, 2018

In recent weeks, protests along the Gaza border have led to the most violent confrontations with Israel’s military since 2014. On May 18, Jewish-Arab protests in Haifa of the military's use of force on Palestinians resulted in violent clashes with police, detainment of 21 Arab citizen demonstrators, and in particular, injury to an Arab NGO leader over the course of his arrest. The events in Haifa and the larger context of confrontations on the border and the US embassy move have provoked strong response from within Arab society and heated exchanges between Jewish and Arab national political leadership.

This update summarizes the events, Arab citizen response, related discourse and impact on state-minority relations.

High Violent Crime Rates Top Arab Community Concerns in Israel
June 1, 2018

The issue of crime and violence within Arab society in Israel has become a top Arab and Jewish public and government concern in recent years. In 2017 alone, the lives of 70 Arab citizens were claimed by murder and manslaughter - accounting for over 55% of such instances in Israel that year, with another 23 Arabs killed since the beginning of 2018. Moreover, police reports indicate that the hundreds of thousands of illegal weapons found in Arab towns comprise approximately 80% of illegal firearms in Israel.

Project Wadi Attir: Developments in Bedouin eco-village sustainability
May 31, 2018

Since 2009, Project Wadi Attir has worked to become a model for sustainable development in an arid region, fusing traditional Bedouin pastoral and agricultural practices with cutting-edge technology. In recent months, the Project reports significant progress in ecosystem restoration; development of green technology infrastructure; outreach through education, community engagement, eco-tourism and shared society programs; as well as other milestones.


Quarterly Newsletter | Spring 2018
May 31, 2018

Our quarterly newsletter covers events and presentations, recent publications and resources, members' missions in Israel, and upcoming colleague visits to the US. 

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