About Us

The Inter-Agency Task Force on Israeli Arab Issues provides educational resources and raises awareness in the North American Jewish community about Israel’s Arab citizens and Jewish-Arab relations in Israel. Today, the Task Force convenes more than 100 North American Jewish organizations and foundations committed to learning and educate about what is often described by Israeli government officials as the most important domestic issue in Israel today. We were created to serve as a trusted and non-partisan resource, providing a range of programs and materials to enable American Jewish leadership to incorporate these issues in a manner appropriate and relevant to their mission, board members, professional staff, and constituencies.

Israel’s 1.7 million Arab citizens comprise 20 percent of the country’s population. The vast majority live in separate towns and cities in Israel’s northern and southern peripheries and attend Arabic-language schools. Arabs are the most economically disadvantaged population in Israel, and are significantly under-represented in professional, government and academic spheres. In recent years, closing these gaps has become a government priority, as Arab advancement and integration, and improved Jewish-Arab relations, are now seen as essential to Israel’s sustained economic growth and strength.

Our Work
North American Jewish leaders, who care so deeply about Israel, rely on the Task Force to provide information and insights about developments in Arab society and Jewish-Arab relations in Israel, and the context of their significance to the country as a whole. With an extensive network and knowledge of the field, the Task Force produces in-depth resources and learning opportunities.

Our resources include:
-Briefing papers on major developments and updates on current events.
-Events, conference panels and educational briefing calls with government officials, civil society leaders, media experts, academics and more.
-Speakers from Israel for organizational and national conferences and events.
-In-depth education for strategic allocations and budget committees.
-Assistance with incorporating issues related to Arab citizens into missions to Israel.
-Opportunities for Task Force members to convene around shared interests for targeted learning and collaboration.

The Task Force was established in 2006 by a coalition of Jewish organizations: Conference of Presidents, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Anti-Defamation League, UJA-Federation of New York, New Israel Fund, and several foundations and philanthropists.