Bridging Equity Gaps: The Impact of Diverse Leadership in Ha...

Bridging Equity Gaps: The Impact of Diverse Leadership in Haifa, Springfield, MA and San Francisco | February 23

In partnership with the JCRC of Boston and JCRC of San Francisco

COVID-19 is challenging diverse communities everywhere to address emergency needs across social and economic disparities. A rising priority before COVID-19, the crisis underscores the challenge and urgency of narrowing gaps for the benefit of an entire region. What can we learn from minority representatives on local councils and in leadership positions about putting equity issues on the agenda? How does minority representation change the vision and tools available to do so?

The IATF, San Francisco JCRC, and Boston JCRC hosted a conversation with three groundbreaking leaders, Fayez Hanna, Haifa District Commissioner, Myrna Melgar, San Francisco District 7 Supervisor, and Justin Hurst, Springfield, Massachusetts City Council Member, about the equity issues they are championing and some of the efforts they have put in motion to address them.

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