A Complex Identity: Arab Citizens and Israel's Jewish and De...

A Complex Identity: Arab Citizens and Israel's Jewish and Democratic Balance | Oct. 20

In partnership with The Associated: Jewish Philanthropies of Baltimore

Arab citizens, diverse in their own right, are often considered the litmus test for Israel’s democratic promise. Granted equal citizenship by the Declaration of Independence, issues related to Israel’s wider conflicts, geography, history, language, and culture nonetheless often stand between the Arab minority and access to Israel’s societal and economic opportunities. Today, Arab citizens are by far the most socio-economically disadvantaged population in Israel. In recent years, massive government efforts to close gaps and boost Arab economic integration has also created greater awareness of the challenges and opportunities of creating a more shared society.

Hear an inside perspective from Mohammad Darawshe, leading expert on Jewish-Arab relations and Director of the Center for Shared Society at Givat Haviva, into the changing realities and aspirations of Arab citizens of Israel and issues at the forefront of efforts to create a more shared society.

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