Government Resolution 922: Five-Year Economic Development Pl...

Government Resolution 922: Five-Year Economic Development Plan for Arab Society | Fourth Year Progress Report

July 2020


In January 2020, as Government Resolution 922 (GR-922) entered its fifth and final year,1 its steering committee convened to review implementation data through mid-2019 as collected and analyzed by the Authority for Economic Development of the Arab Sector together with the government’s contracted evaluators, TASC Consulting & Capital. With the Coronavirus pandemic limiting subsequent meetings, the findings in this report remain the most up-to-date official data on overall plan implementation.

This update is a summary of the data shared with the committee, including discussion of overall progress and details from individual ministries’ reports. It is supplemented with additional insights by government and local authority officials and civil society organizations involved in implementation. An introduction to GR-922 from 2016 can be found here and a detailed description of original Ministry workplans, here. A mid-2018 implementation update, reporting on progress 2.5 years into the plan, can be found here.

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