VIDEO BRIEFING | The Arab Vote: Issues and Priorities Ahead ...

VIDEO BRIEFING | The Arab Vote: Issues and Priorities Ahead of Israel's March Elections

February 20, 2020

As Israel approaches its third consecutive national elections on March 2nd, many eyes are on Arab citizens. The two previous elections saw dynamic developments regarding Jewish-Arab political relations. These ranged from the breakup of the Joint List before April’s vote and subsequent low Arab voting rates, to a strong September turnout in response to the list’s reunification and unprecedented steps by both Jewish and Arab political leadership towards greater cooperation.

This third cycle follows the publication of the American peace proposal, which includes the possibility that 10 Arab communities in Israel's Triangle region could become part of a future Palestinian state. How has publication of the proposal—and this clause specifically—affected Arab voters? What other issues have influenced political discourse in this round, and how do they compare to the developments over the last year?

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