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Taub Center for Social Policy Studies | State of the Nation Report 2018

Society, Economy and Policy in Israel

This annual report presents a socio-economic overview of Israel in 2018. The report includes 10 new studies in the fields of macroeconomics, employment, education, health, and welfare, as well as executive summaries of studies written over the course of 2018. Along with the inclusion of Arab society in data on broader issues such as fertility and religious mobility in Israel, several studies in the report pertain to Arab society specifically and significantly.

Some of these studies were covered by IATF during 2018, including Arab-Israeli Women Entering the Labor Market: Higher Education, Employment, and Wages; showing trends regarding Arab women in these arenas; Welfare Nonprofits in Israel: A Comprehensive Overview, which shows that a disproportionally small number of welfare organizations serve Arab society; and Israel's Labor Market: An Overview, which discusses the significant increase in Arab women's employment among other things.

An additional chapter of interest regarding Arab society is Technological Education: Trends and Developments, 2006 to 2017, which discusses, among other factors, the growth in the number of Arab students enrolled in high school technological tracks as well as the educational barriers that continue to affect their potential to succeed in this field.

Published by the Taub Center for Social Policy Studies in Israel. Editor: Avi Weiss.

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