From Barriers to Opportunities: The Study of Arabic in Jewis...

From Barriers to Opportunities: The Study of Arabic in Jewish Schools (Hebrew)

Full Hebrew Translation


Most Israeli Jews do not know Arabic, hindering efforts to establish a more egalitarian and shared society, according to a paper published by Sikkuy in July 2018. The study focuses on barriers to effective instruction of Arabic in Israeli public schools, which although mandatory for high school students since 1996 has not increased Arabic knowledge among the Jewish population. Barriers include ineffective government monitoring of Arabic education and lack of motivation among students to study the language. Sikkuy recommends policy steps to increase in the number of students of Arabic in the Jewish school system and the number of Jewish public school graduates able to communicate in Arabic. Recommendations include beginning Arabic study earlier in elementary school, making Arabic a compulsory exam for earning a high school matriculation certificate, and increasing the budget and time dedicated to Arabic studies.

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