Israel Mission Itinerary: Mixed Cities, An inside look at th...

Israel Mission Itinerary: Mixed Cities, An inside look at the Arab community, Equality and Employment, The Bedouin in Israels South

Sample Itinerary


Day 1:
The day will be dedicated to exploring aspects of Haifa as a mixed and shared city. How much is really shared? How much is just mixed? Are there models in Haifa that could be replicated in other mixed cities in Israel? These questions and others will be addressed by panelists and through site visits.

Day 2:
This day will address issues, programs and initiatives inside the Arab community in two Arab cities located within the Northern Triangle – Um El Fahem and the Southern Triangle - Tira.  

Day 3:
The Negev region comprises half of the State of Israel. About 30% of the Negev's residents – approximately 200,000 people, are Arab Bedouin. Of those, some 50,000 people live in so-called "unrecognized village" – communities that receive no services from the State. The Arab Bedouin represent the poorest population in Israel but also, as participants will learn, one of the populations with the greatest potential.

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