Israel Mission Itinerary: Visions of Integration, Education ...

Israel Mission Itinerary: Visions of Integration, Education and Municipal Cooperation, Economic Development in the Druze Communities

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Day 1:
Integration is often presented as being a desirable goal, which is both at the interest of the Arab community and of the State of Israel. At the same time, for many, integration has clear limitations – e.g. not everyone wants to study in mixed schools or even live in mixed communities, almost no one from both communities wants to promote the integration of identities or – at the extreme - intermarriages. This day will examine what integration looks like on the ground – in mixed cities and in neighboring Jewish and Arab communities. Over the course of the day we will explore different visions of integration and possible mechanisms for making integration a reality.

Day 2:
The "Triangle" area is one of the most important regions as far as Jewish-Arab relations are concerned. While most tours focus on Wadi Ara, we will visit the westernmost part of this region, focusing on four central issues – media, education, municipal cooperation and the status of women.

Day 3:
Jaffa, Economic Development and the Druze Community

Day 4:
The Negev Bedouin: Current Realities, Challenges, Opportunities and Processes of Change

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