Conference Call: Current events and Jewish-Bedouin relations...

Conference Call: Current events and Jewish-Bedouin relations in the Negev | July 22

with Mayor Alnabari and Prof. Omri Yadlin

The current regional crisis impacts Jewish and Arab communities in Israel differently and challenges fragile Jewish-Arab relations. In the Negev, though Bedouin and Jewish populations endure the harsh situation in the south mostly separately, they also seek collaboration and continue to work together to address their different vulnerabilities.

Hear from Dr. Mohammed Alnabari, Mayor of the Bedouin city of Hura, and Professor Omri Yadlin, President of Sapir College, about the particular needs of Bedouin society under these conditions and efforts to enhance cooperation and understanding between Jewish and Bedouin neighbors in the Negeve because—and despite of—the current emergency situation.

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