Shared Society in the Heart of the Galilee

Let the Task Force help your organization plan an eye-opening tour of Israel's diversity, complexity and innovative programs for a stronger shared society. 




Sakhnin and Misgav - Neighboring Communities
Sakhnin is a major Arab city adjacent to the 35 Jewish and Bedouin communities that make up the Misgav Regional Council. Tour the diverse communities and meet with local leaders working to build a sustainable and cooperative future.



Galilee Foundation for Value Education
Using informal education, this foundation is making the Galilee a model of Israeli civil society. Meet the performers of the Jewish-Arab youth circus, learn about facilitated community gatherings, and see the production of the bilingual online regional news. 


Sharikat Haya


Arab Women's Employment Initiative
The Abraham Fund Initiatives' Sharikat Haya (Partners for Life) integrates Arab women into the Israeli workforce through training, job placement, and support for working women. Meet participants and directors to learn about the needs of Arab women and the impact entering the workforce.




TAEQ's Green Building and Space Center
Visit Sakhnin's pioneering interdisciplinary center for envrionmental and scientific research - a unique green facility that brings Jews and Arabs together around the shared issues of sustainability and research. 


Hand in Hand


Hand in Hand's Galilee Bilingual School
The Galilee school is one of the first opened by Hand in Hand, a network of bilingual schools set up in partnership with the Ministry of Education as an alternative to Israel's separate school systems. Visit the campus to see Jewish and Arab kids learning together and hear about the results of a shared education. 

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