On Your Mission: Development in the Negev

The Negev is home to 600,000 people, one-third of whom are Bedouin. Visit the region to learn about innovative projects within Bedouin society, plans for the region's development, and how Jews and Bedouins are working together for a shared future.


Bedouin plan


New Bill to Regularize Bedouin Communities
Meet with government officials from the Implementation Authority under the Prime Minister's Office, and with Jewish and Bedouin civil society activists from the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) to hear different views regarding the government's new plan to settle land disputes between the state and the Bedouin population in the Negev.


Wadi Attir


Wadi Attir Sustainability Enterprise
Wadi Attir is a sustainable development enterprise in Hura designed to integrate Bedouin traditions and know-how with cutting edge technologies. Meet with local leaders to learn how community-based organic farming, women's empowerment and green technologies are enhancing the local community socially and economically.




Economic Development in Rahat
Visit Rahat, Israel's only Bedouin city, to learn about community development efforts including microfinance, housing and women's empowerment projects. The Era of the Negev industrial zone, a mega-collaboration between Rahat and its neighboring Jewish regional councils, is a major economic investment for the region's Jewish and Bedouin communities alike.




Hura Catering Project
AJEEC-NISPED and the Hura Local Council run Hura Catering, an enterprise that serves 6,000 hot meals a day in regional schools as part of the government's hot lunch program. The Bedouin women working there earn an income, serve the community, and achieve greater independence. Visit this project to see how successful social enterprise changes lives.




JDC-Israel's Riyan Employment Center
The Riyan One-Stop Employment Center in Segev Shalom is one of several in the Negev that helps Bedouins, especially women, integrate into Israel's modern job market. Meet with staff and learn how this center, run in partnership between JDC-Israel, the government, and the Segev Shalom Local Council, enhances employment opportunities and strengthens the Negev's economic future.

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