Media and Culture

ANU believes that diversifying the media – one of society’s most powerful tools – will increase tolerance a ...
Implementing Organization: ANU - Making Change , Sikkuy - The Association for the Advancement of Civic Equality
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Integration of Arab Teachers
ANU has partnered with the Merchavim Institute and the Ministry of Education to promote the increased integration of Arab mat ...
Implementing Organization: ANU - Making Change , MERCHAVIM - The Institute for the Advancement of Shared Citizenship in Israel , Ministry of Education
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From Shared Space in the Classroom to Shared Life in the Public Sphere
Windows’ team believes that in order to achieve a shared life based on the values of democracy and equality, it is ...
Implementing Organization: Windows - Channels for Communication
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Narrative Greenhouse Program for Women Filmmakers - Galilee
Based on the NFCT's extensive experience with the Greenhouse Program model, in 2018 we launched a new initiative, aimed a ...
Implementing Organization: New Fund for Cinema and Television
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FORTH website
Active website with 3 articles a week with analysis on current Middle East issues. Our goal is to influence Israeli public op ...
Implementing Organization: The Forum for Regional Thinking (FORTH)
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