Authority for National-Civic Service in the Prime Minister's...

Authority for National-Civic Service in the Prime Minister's Office

In August 2007, the government adopted the recommendations of the Ivri Committee in governmental decision No. 2295 and established the interim National/Civil Service Administration (Minhelet) under the Prime Minister's Office.6
The role of the Administration is to oversee the entire sphere of national/civil service, to promote new and innovative initiatives that would allow new populations to volunteer for civil service (Haredim, Arab citizens, disabled individuals and youth from the periphery that are not accepted into the IDF), and to work on a holistic law to institutionalize national/civil service. After the 2009 elections the Administration was moved to the Ministry of Science and technology and after the 2013 elections is was moved under the responsibility of the Minister for Veteran Citizens. According to the Administration's publications, as of 2014, there are overall around 16,000 volunteers, of which around 3.600 are Arab youngsters. In March 2014, the Knesset approved the "National Civil Service Law, which established a "National Civic Service Authority". 

Operation of a National Civilian Volunteerism Infrastructure
Ambassadors of technology within the society - employment of dozens of volunteers that are certified by Intel's advanced programs and which play a pivotal role in provision of technological training in various schools and community centers. Targe ...
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